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Why We Are The Leader In Fire Damage Restoration In St. Petersburg

9/16/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke and soot damage in a family room that suffered fire damage Fire damage in this home led to terrible soot and smoke damage. Damage such as this requires professionals like us to clean it up.

Handle Fire Damage in Your St. Petersburg Home By Hiring Experts 

When fire strikes a home, the first thing many people do is to run for safety. They then call firefighters to extinguish it. However, the problem does not end there. The end of fire signifies the beginning of another significant issue, which is dealing with the destruction.

Dealing with fire damage in your St. Petersburg home can be challenging. You need to hire professionals to assess the damage and restore your property to its preloss state. The fire might not have burned down everything, but it may have left behind the following:

  • Strong odors caused by burned foods, especially proteins.
  • Unbearably noxious smells from the remains of synthetic products.
  • Thick, black smoke residue formed all over your home’s walls and items.
  • Ashes from burned down items that settle around the home.
  • Half-damaged items you might need to replace.
  • Electrical damages on cables and electronics.
  • Burned down trees and landscapes in case of natural fires.

After firefighters help you to extinguish the flames, you must clean up the damaged structures immediately. If you don’t, soot can continue to discolor your walls and floors. Metal, on the other hand, can corrode. Wooden surfaces can deteriorate fast, and this could worsen to the point where you need to repair them. You also need to clean windows and doors quickly. Otherwise, they can become etched with ash and soot, turning them into unattractive ruins.

Everything that the fire damage partially burned can continue to deteriorate gradually. Thankfully, SERVPRO can help you repair the destruction. We have fully trained professionals and the equipment required to fix fire-related damages. Our Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technicians (FSRTs) can determine which items to restore and which ones to replace. We can also identify the things that do not require restoration and estimate the odds of restoring questionable items. 

Before cleaning a house, our restorers perform tests to choose the right cleaning method. During testing, we categorize materials as non-washable or washable. We can clean washable materials using water-based cleaning products. We use dry cleaning methods to clean non-washable materials. The residues on a material can also determine the cleaning method to use. For instance, we can use dry solvent cleaning agents to remove grease or oil-based residues, even though water-based products may not ruin the materials we are cleaning. 

If your home has unpleasant odors, our SERVPRO technicians can combine several deodorization techniques to eliminate them. The same deodorizing process or deodorizing process is unlikely to solve all odor issues. Some scents require direct spraying and others fogging. Our technicians use different equipment like hydroxyl generators, Ultra Low Volume (ULV) misters, and thermal foggers to remove the scents. 

The most important task after a fire disaster is to restore your home to its normal condition. SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg can assist you to clean up and deodorize your residence. Contact us at (727) 522-0000 at any time. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

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