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Is There an Alternative to Merely Hoping Flooding Will Not Damage My St. Petersburg Retail Space During the Hurricane Season?

8/30/2020 (Permalink)

shopping cart view in supermarket aisle with product shelves abstract blur defocused background If your store is suffering from storm damage, you are losing business. Call our experienced team to mitigate the situation.

Nothing Is Certain for St. Petersburg Businesses During the Hurricane and Tropical Storm Season Except that SERVPRO Is Ready to Assess and Respond for Fast Flood Damage Recovery -- and to Offer Our Proactive Emergency READY Profile and Plan (ERP)

There is little evidence that the summer and fall hurricane season will become less extreme in St. Petersburg as each year passes. Because fierce winds, torrential rains, and storm surge are always just over the horizon for your beachside retail space, it makes sense to anticipate the damage and adapt to minimize the harm to your commercial building, your inventory, and the continuation of your business.

What Are the Advantages of Crafting an Emergency READY Profile and Plan (ERP)?

If you have operated a business over some number of years in St. Petersburg, flood damage likely preys on your mind as the severe storm season approaches. You no doubt have instituted some procedures intended to limit the harm, but you are an expert in your own industry, not disaster preparedness professional. When you reach out to our experienced project managers to assess your commercial space, the professional restorer's years of anticipating and responding to storm-related flooding come into play. We can help you fine-tune your flood watch toolkit, and we adapt generic suggestions for flood preparation to your unique circumstances.

How Do We Begin the Work Needed to Develop the ERP?

Business owners give the SERVPRO office a call to schedule an assessment by a project manager well-versed in damage response in St. Petersburg. Since our region can expect intense storms, including hurricanes, regularly, our trained and certified managers are incredibly familiar with storm flooding and the damage it can visit on commercial buildings. Still, we know your property layout and business operations are unlike others, encompassing a range of circumstances our team needs to view and evaluate to craft a plan. Things we consider include:

  • Location of utility lines and shutoffs
  • A review of the types of building materials and fixtures inside your space
  • Reports of previous flood damage and a tour of the areas affected
  • Setup of the equipment used in your operations, including any current adaptations you have implemented to minimize damage in case of flooding
  • Inspection of storage areas for materials and inventory, sales floors, shared spaces, offices, break areas, locker rooms, restrooms, and more -- sketching out a blueprint of your site, or using one provided by you, with our annotations
  • Your description of your endeavor's mission, production schedule, operating procedures, hours of operation, number of employees, interface with customers or clients, and any ideas you have on how the business could continue while flood damage restoration proceeds

Following the Assessment, What Comes  Next for Me and for You?

  • First, we encourage you to use our mobile app to add details to the ERP. You know better than we ever can how your company evolved, and you also have options among which to choose to make it clear that you have chosen your flood damage recovery partner. The app allows you to:
    • Designate our firm as your preferred flood restorer
    • Select and choose agents from your employees, family, or other individuals to act on your behalf if you are temporarily unavailable
    • List the contact information for contractors and vendors that provided, built, or installed your equipment so we can consult if needed
    • Add any data or information helpful to the ultimate restoration of your commercial building
  • Second, we make recommendations for adaptations or changes within your business spaces to minimize the effects of any flood damage. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Moving supplies, documents, and inventory above potential flood lines
    • Raising equipment on sturdy supports to prevent flood waters from damaging expensive to repair and replace items
    • Suggesting repairs and maintenance inside and out to enhance resistance to flood waters
  • Third, we share our complete draft of the concise, digital ERP. The ERP is a dynamic, changeable agenda, and we invite your comments and suggestions to evolve our potential response into a better fit for your scenario.

Team up with the highly-qualified management and technicians at SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg during the aftermath of flood damage to your commercial building due to severe storms. We also urge our business customers to contact us ahead of the extreme weather season at (727) 522-0000 to explore creating an Emergency READY Profile and Plan (ERP) to prepare for and conquer flooding challenges.

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