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SERVPRO's Hurricane Preparedness Guide for St. Petersburg Residents

5/2/2024 (Permalink)

servpro seasonal storm prep flyer SERVPRO says to mark your calendars for Hurricane Season. We are Here to Help® the greater St. Pete area with prompt and professional services.

What to do Before, During and After Storm Damage

A formidable force of nature for residents of Northeast St. Petersburg--Hurricanes. Being prepared is not just advisable; it's essential. This guide, provided by SERVPRO® of NE St. Petersburg, outlines critical steps to take before, during, and after a hurricane to safeguard your family and property.

Before the Hurricane

Begin by creating an emergency kit that includes must-haves such as one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days, non-perishable food, a flashlight, extra batteries, a first aid kit, medications, and essential documents in waterproof containers.

Planning for evacuations is crucial; identify your local evacuation route and have a pre-determined place to stay that is out of the evacuation zone. Keep your car's gas tank full as the storm approaches, and ensure you have a charger for your mobile devices. Secure your residence by installing storm shutters or boarding up windows with plywood, securing loose outdoor items or bringing them inside to prevent them from becoming projectiles, and trimming trees and shrubs to make them more wind-resistant. Include a plan for how you will transport and care for your pets.

It's also vital to stay informed by monitoring local news and government sites for updates on the hurricane's path and severity and keeping a battery-operated or hand-crank radio ready in case of power outages. It's a good idea to get on SERVPRO's Storm Emergency List early and sign up for priority assistance after storm damage. 

During the Hurricane

If you remain in your home, it is safest to stay indoors, away from windows, skylights, and glass doors. If you don't have storm shutters, close all interior doors and brace external doors. Find a safe room, such as a small interior room with few to no windows or a hallway on the lowest level, without the probability of flooding. Use a battery-powered radio to keep informed of the hurricane's progress and any emergency instructions.

After the Hurricane

Once the authorities have given the all-clear, cautiously assess your property for damage. Only enter a damaged residence once professionals have inspected it. Document the damage by creating a list with photos or video of the damaged property before cleaning up, as this documentation is crucial for insurance claims and possible federal assistance.

 Prevent further damage by temporarily covering broken windows and damaged roofs and removing water-logged items from your home to prevent mold growth. Please avoid downed power lines and report them to the utility company immediately.

There is likely no power after a hurricane. If you have a generator, only operate it outdoors due to the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, be careful not to overload the generator with too many appliances.

How SERVPRO Can Help

Remember, after the storm, professional services like SERVPRO experts are available to help restore your home and belongings to pre-storm conditions. We can not only mitigate and remove damaged building material and dry out your structure but also are licensed and insured contractors who can rebuild your residential or commercial property to preloss conditions.

Preparing for a hurricane requires detailed planning and proactive steps to ensure safety and property protection. By following these guidelines, St. Petersburg residents can better withstand the effects of a hurricane and recover more quickly.  SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000 is Faster to any size disaster™.

Flood Damage Restoration You Can Trust in St Petersburg 

1/23/2024 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck going through flood water with the caption: FASTER TO ANY SIZE DISASTER If your St. Petersburg property has flood damage after a storm, call SERVPRO. We're Here to Help® 24/7.

St. Petersburg Flooding Problems Have a Solution

Your home may experience flooding due to internal issues such as burst pipes, sewage backups caused by broken drainage tiles or tree roots, and sump pump failures. External sources like a leaking foundation, heavy rain with inadequate drainage, and overflowing sewers, creeks, or rivers can cause flooding.

Flood damage in St Petersburg can bring many challenges for your home, belongings, and family. Knowing how to clean up flood damage safely can make a big difference in how you recover from such disasters. Proper steps can help reduce health risks and limit property damage.

Safely Cleaning Up from Flood Damage

It is crucial to emphasize that cleaning is an essential element when it comes to restoring your home to its pre-flood conditions. The truth is that these tasks may seem overwhelming to most homeowners. However, it is crucial to remember that they should be performed most effectively – and safely – by professionals. Our SERVPRO® team is already preparing to have boots on the ground after natural disasters. You only need to contact our offices to make your home a stop on our restoration plan.

Your home is a significant investment, and mishandling the restoration process can cause further damage and health risks. Hiring a certified and well-equipped team for proper drying, rebuilding, and cleaning is crucial to ensure successful restoration.

  • Training – Our professionals are recovery experts. They are well-trained in removal, drying, disinfecting, and rebuilding.
  • Certification – Our restoration professionals are industry-certified and follow the best safety procedures and practices.
  • Equipment – Specialized equipment such as pressure washers, cleaners, industrial fans, moisture meters, and more are required to do the job correctly.

How SERVPRO Can Help

We at SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg have been helping homeowners recover from flood, mold, fire, and smoke damage for decades. Our IICRC-certified technicians provide fast and safe restoration services to ensure a successful outcome. We're available 24/7 for emergency restoration, storm damage recovery, and flood removal. If you need our assistance, please get in touch with us at (727) 522-0000.

SERVPRO Helping with Storm Damage Water Cleanup in St. Petersburg

1/23/2023 (Permalink)

tree fallen on roof Storms frequent our area. Did you know that SERVPRO offers roof tarping services?

Protecting Your Home from Further Damage and Emergency Water Cleanup in St Petersburg

A storm takes a few minutes to cause significant damage to St Petersburg homes. Roofs are punctured, windows are broken, and even doors are blown in. Water penetrates the house through multiple entry points, causing more damage to contents, flooring, furniture, and interior structures. SERVPRO emergency response teams can provide immediate assistance to homeowners with the following:

  • Board up of broken windows and doors
  • Tarps to cover roof punctures
  • Debris removal inside and outside your home
  • Emergency power to operate equipment

In addition to physical storm damage, water cleanup of St Petersburg homes is another crucial attribute of our SERVPRO service. Fast response and cleanup of excess water, debris removal, and drying reduce secondary damage. The water inside walls, inside the ceiling, and on flooring is absorbed by porous materials causing swelling of these materials and loss of structural integrity:

  • Drywall absorbs moisture and swells
  • Hardwood floors cup, buckle, and warp
  • Cabinets and furniture are damaged
  • Mold colonies can begin forming in 24 to 48 hours

SERVPRO storm response includes many services that homeowners require after a storm:

  • Water cleanup and removal on flooring, inside walls, and ceilings
  • Building services to make temporary repairs, repair broken windows, and roof damage.
  • Moving furniture and contents to undamaged areas of the home or packing and removal of contents to one of our secure storage facilities while repair and restoration are completed
  • High-capacity dehumidification and air movers rapidly remove moisture and dry your home.
  • Demolition of permanently damaged materials, repair, and restoration

We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, and we aim to return your home to you “Like it never even happened.” SERVPRO also works closely with insurance company adjusters to manage all activity, including insurance paperwork, during the claims process.

Call SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg for water cleanup services. We provide service to St Petersburg and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (727) 522-0000.

How SERVPRO Restores Storm Damaged Homes in St. Petersburg

8/22/2022 (Permalink)

Storm warning sign along black clouds Storm waters bring in bacteria and other contaminants. Don't go it alone. Call SERVPRO!

St. Petersburg Residents Should Call SERVPRO to Disinfect Their Homes After a Tropical Storm

We don't need to experience a hurricane to understand the impact a tropical storm can have on our homes. Even though we build our buildings and homes in South Florida to sustain torrential downpours, heavy winds could knock a tree onto your roof and open a leak into your home. They could also raise water levels for floodwater to enter through your door. Regardless of the incident, disinfecting and repairing your home is extremely important.

Why Should I Call a Professional Crew to Disinfect My Home?

Average household cleaners are sufficient for our everyday needs. They are easily accessible at the grocery store, and you can apply them quickly. However, when water comes into your home from outside sources, it carries bacteria and debris. Rather than allowing these microorganisms to multiply in your home, you should call our SERVPRO technicians so we can apply cleaners and disinfectants to your storm damaged St. Petersburg home. The solutions we use are industry-grade and compliant with EPA regulations.

Similarly, the equipment we use can reach all corners of your storm damaged home. Some best practices to help us enhance our reach within your house include the following:

  • Utilizing EPA approved solutions appropriate for each surface. For example, porous surfaces need different treatment than non-porous surfaces.
  • Allow enough time for the solution to sink in. Our crew knows and understands the recommended times for each agent to react.
  • Know where an application is essential. For example, solutions should not be sprayed into HVAC systems but should permeate subfloors and carpeting.

When your home is at stake, you can rely on SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg. Call us at (727) 522-0000 any time, day or night, and let us into your home. We aim to leave your home "Like it never even happened." 

Flood Damage Left Behind in St. Petersburg after a Hurricane Requires Specialized Services

5/25/2022 (Permalink)

flood damaged road; water covering road If your home is affected by a storm, call the certified technicians at SERVPRO to restore your home.

Restoring Your Home After Flood Damage

After any storm, damages become more apparent than they were as they happened. Many of the homes in St. Petersburg remained upright after weathering fierce storms and hurricanes in the past. The water washed in by wind and rain and by rising tidal waters was seen as minor flooding compared to the losses involving completely destroyed homes. 

St. Petersburg's perfect weather rarely has storm-related flood damage, but you can contact SERVPRO technicians whenever needed for this and other catastrophes. In the likely event that the power is off in the neighborhood, we supply our own. You and your family can depend on us to make everything "Like it never even happened." Being your neighbors and living in the same area, we understand the stresses that disasters cause the people in our community.

Going beyond compassion toward others around us, we know that to help them as fully as possible, we need extensive training in remediating damaged homes. We hold certifications from the IICRC in many fields related to disaster cleanup, including Commercial Drying (CDS) and Applied Structural Drying (ASD). 

Flood damage can affect a home in many ways, none of which benefit the homeowners or their family members. Hurricanes manage to wreak damage in unexpected ways. We remove all of these and ensure that even the microbial-laden residues no longer remain. Our measuring devices include those that detect microbial activity and the number of biological materials on surfaces. Used both before and after cleaning, we compare the results to ensure high standards of cleanliness to protect your family.

Carpets most likely need removal and replacement, so we prepare the floor by drying it out and removing any remaining hazards. These can also impede the installation process of new flooring later. Saturated walls also require replacement, although most ceilings can stay with little or no repairs. Stairs and handrails must dry quickly to avoid damage to the wood. Door and window frames and sliding tracks often warp from the wind's strength, requiring the installation of new ones.

No matter what it takes to restore your home, the friendly and professional technicians at SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg can perform the work. Contact us for the restoration of your home after a hurricane or storm-related flood damage takes its toll. (727) 522- 0000

Storms in St Petersburg Happen All Too Often

3/21/2022 (Permalink)

FLOODED harbor area When that tropical storm hits your St. Petersburg property--Call SERVPRO for restoration--We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

SERVPRO Restores Your Storm Damaged Home or St. Pete Condo Swiftly

Caught between Tampa Bay and the barrier islands on the Gulf, water is a brutal force of nature in our area. A storm surge can send water flooding throughout your Florida home even when you prepare. SERVPRO is prepared to help homeowners with the challenges posed by severe weather and its aftermath.

This area is flat and surrounded by bay and ocean, with little to hold back the waters that cause flood damage to your St. Petersburg home. Tropical storms send walls of water flooding over land and into your home. When this happens, it is crucial to call upon a reputable flood damage restoration company like us on-site fast to remove the water and dry structure and contents.

If electrical power is lacking in the hours after the flood, SERVPRO is still on top of water extraction with truck-mounted pumps and wet vacuums. This specialized equipment works best when operated by our trained and experienced technicians. Your wall-to-wall carpeting tests their skills, but our team dries it in place by extracting water with care not to stress or stretch the backing or fibers. Padding may be discarded as it is harder to dry and is inexpensive to replace. The subfloor must be monitored for moisture with precision meters so that it does not saturate the carpeting from below or provide food and shelter for mold growth

The flooding affected the trim and the drywall inches above the floor. We test for moisture content and consider drilling some holes near the bottom of the wall if it seems that water is trapped behind. Failing to remove all pockets of water in wall or floor cavities threatens to continue and intensify the water damage issues. Once all water is released and removed, SERVPRO moves in air movers and dehumidifiers to meet our certified staff's drying targets during the restoration planning phase.

Floodwaters usually test positive for contamination, making professional removal and cleanup necessary. SERVPRO team members take advanced classes in identifying and managing contaminated water. Recovery includes drying, cleaning, and sanitizing. We work with you and your insurance company to determine what contents we must discard and replace because they cannot be sanitized. Non-porous items usually handle brisk cleaning and disinfection well to continue their useful life.

Rely upon SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg to respond quickly and efficiently to resolve your flooding issues. Call (727) 522-0000 for a full-service crew to arrive as soon as possible to begin the restoration process.

Storm Flood Damage Is More Than Water Removal in St. Petersburg

2/2/2022 (Permalink)

Floor water damage If flood waters wreak havoc on your property, call the professionals at SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg.

SERVPRO is Here to Help with St. Petersburg Wind and Storm Flood Damage

Rain, wind, flash flooding, contaminated water – these are all areas of concern when St. Petersburg residents get hit with a significant storm front. The good news is that wind and rain are no match for the highly-trained team at SERVPRO. We have the best protocols to handle water removal services and other assistance that helps you get back on your feet fast. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Personal health and safety come first with flood damage in St. Petersburg. Always avoid exposure to contaminated water and toxins whenever possible. If you need to enter your home until we arrive, wear rubber boots, eye protection, and take respiratory precautions. 

Addressing Your Flood-Impacted Contents

Many porous materials that become saturated with floodwater must get disposed of. However, our emergency response team knows how to thoroughly assess all contents to categorize them accordingly:

  • Unsalvageable Items – These include saturated porous materials such as particleboard, drywall, and many types of flooring - they get removed before cleaning. This also involves contents like mattresses, sofas, and other belongings saturated by floodwater.
  • Salvageable Items – Any non-porous building materials like concrete and steel can get cleaned. Other contents like plastics and non-porous items that can withstand cleaning will also be salvageable. 

While water removal services commence, we set up drying equipment and dehumidifiers to work in tandem. The team also works to disinfect surfaces by applying antimicrobial disinfectants. Moisture meters and other equipment get used by our team to ensure any areas where water migrated get addressed accordingly. Our Odor Control Technicians (OCT) then work to ensure no foul, musty odors are left behind. 

SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg is your answer when you require assistance with storm flood damage. You can call us 24-hours a day for emergency response at (727) 522-0000.

What Determines the Loss Levels After Flood Damage in St. Petersburg Homes?

12/29/2021 (Permalink)

Boots in flood water If you are faced with flood damage, call on our experts for help. We are available to assist you 24/7.

An Experienced Restoration Team From SERVPRO Can Help You Respond to Any Loss From Flooding

Flooding is generally destructive to properties, but the severity of each incident varies. Many factors influence the destructiveness of flood damage on your structure and thus determine the resources needed for restoration.

Estimating the destructiveness of flood damage at your St. Petersburg home from a casual observation is not easy because flooding causes visible and invisible problems. For example, you cannot estimate the contamination levels in your house from casual observation. Seeking help from a professional like SERVPRO eases evaluation and resolving damages.

Some Factors That Help Reveal the Destructiveness of a Flooding Incident Include: 

  • The depth of water involved
  • Structural breaches such as shattered windows or a torn roof
  • The time taken before restoration starts

Moving water exerts great forces on standing structures. The force increases with the depth of the water. Therefore, if your property lies in the path of a moving stream of water, you can expect significant devastation. Apart from physical force, water also causes deterioration of materials once absorbed. Therefore an incident that heavily inundates your house provides an uninterrupted moisture supply leading to significant deterioration.

Unlike the exterior parts of your structure, which are designed to withstand weather elements, the interiors are highly vulnerable. When storm winds shatter windows or blow off shingles, the interiors, including ceilings, walls, and contents, are exposed to precipitation and changing temperatures, among other things. Our SERVPRO crew can intervene to limit the damage by installing a roof tarp or boarding up any wall openings. 

If possible, flood restoration should start soon after discovery. However, delays can occur, especially if the storm affects vast areas since water takes longer to recede and important utilities like roads may be blocked. 

SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg is a reliable partner to help you cope with any type of flood damage at your property, "Like it never even happened." Call us at (727) 522-0000.

Need Help Clearing Storm Flood Damage to Your Home in Northeast St. Petersburg? – Call SERVPRO

12/6/2021 (Permalink)

heavy rain on roof It is always storm season in Florida. SERVPRO is your one-stop-shop for all of your water damage restoration needs.

SERVPRO Provides Storm Flood Damage Restoration to Your Northeast St. Petersburg Home

Floodwaters absorb all sorts of nasty things as floodwater rages through the streets, our yards, and our homes in Northeast St. Petersburg. There are chemicals from various storage areas around our homes. There may be biological material from uncollected garbage. Then there are the viruses and bacteria absorbed by the water and carried into our homes along with debris such as mud, tree limbs, and waste. Cleaning up a mess like this requires the appropriate knowledge and safety gear to prevent illness and accidents.

SERVPRO provides flood damage cleanup from storms for homes in Northeast St. Petersburg. Our team is onsite within four hours of your initial call. In addition, we can call on our partners in other franchises to assist with sizable multi-building repair and restoration activities. Once we assess the situation, we deploy the equipment and human resources to safely remove debris and damaged contents. Anything that can be cleaned and sanitized is stored in a separate staging area until we return it to your home. Most non-porous contents can be cleaned and sanitized.

The repair and restoration may involve flood cuts in the drywall above the water line to remove damaged drywall and insulation. Water tends to wick up porous walls such as drywall. Your call to us and our fast response can often reduce the amount of secondary damage caused to flooring materials, walls, and insulation.

SERVPRO responds to calls for flood damage restoration after a storm and provides the following services:

  • Water removal services, repair, and restoration
  • Controlled demolition to reduce secondary damage
  • Cleaned and sanitized contents are stored in secure staging areas

Call SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg for storm flood damage restoration in Northeast St. Petersburg and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (727) 522-0000.

How SERVPRO Remediate’s Flood Damage in St. Petersburg

10/5/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded kitchen with items floating everywhere Flooding can affect your home quickly as a result of a storm. Call our certified team for flood damage remediation services.

Flood Damage for Your St. Petersburg Home

Whether your home in St. Petersburg is underwater due to groundwater or excess falling rain, some practices are best for you to follow within the first twenty-four hours after the flood so that you and your family remain safe. You also ensure the best possible outcome with your insurance company.

The first thing to do once the initial danger is over, whether you had to evacuate your home or not, is to contact a professional remediation company for help with the flood damage in St. Petersburg. SERVPRO has trained and experienced staff who quickly come when you call us so we can attempt to avoid additional damage to your structure.

Before beginning any repairs or removing the water, you should thoroughly document all the damage by taking photos or even video. Doing so gives you a good record of everything that happened, which you can present to your insurance agent, so you get the coverage you need. If you do not take the pictures before beginning repairs, you could decrease how much coverage you receive.

In any flooding situation, safety is the first concern of SERVPRO techs. Not only do we wear proper protective equipment, including full suits, gloves, boots, and masks, but we have you and your family stay out of the residence while we work. Floodwaters usually contain various contaminants, which can include sewage and chemical runoff. We can also speak with your insurance adjuster for you so you can concentrate on your family during this stressful time. 

We will likely need to replace certain items if they have become saturated with floodwaters, such as carpeting and any drywall up to where the waters rose. We can cut out the section that got wet and replace it with new material.

Storm Flood Damage

After a flood, you can also find out if your home is in a disaster area. If it has been deemed so by government authorities, homeowners usually have access to additional resources that include public services to remediate and protect the area. Plus, you might even be able to get financial assistance. You can contact your insurance company or FEMA directly for more information. 

SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg understands that after flooding in your home in Coffeepot Bayou, Snell Isle, or Placido Bayou, you are under much stress. Give us a call at (727) 522-0000 as soon as possible so we can come and help you restore your home and take a lot of the pressure off of you.

Dealing with Minor Flood Damage in Your St. Petersburg Kitchen

7/9/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle SERVPRO technicians are available around the clock to assist with any type of damage in your home. Call our professionals at (727) 522-0000.

SERVPRO Technicians Quickly Figure Out the Flooding Path in Your Home

Many homeowners have recently opted to replace their cabinets with newer-looking ones while deciding to replace various appliances. Sometimes, however, this can backfire. The wood used to make cabinets often needs time to adjust to the higher Florida humidity. This is a slight adjustment, but when older appliances fail, these same cabinets are often exposed to copious amounts of water that they were never expected to withstand. 

Many St. Petersburg area homes sustain minor flood damage because of problems with kitchen appliances. These appliances do not necessarily need to be repaired themselves, but the washer rings, fittings, hoses, and other water-feeding and draining parts are often not inspected. When these parts fail, they can spew water, sometimes clean, and other times, not-so-clean, all over the kitchen, including the cabinetry. 

Water Removal Services

Allowing this to dry off in the air can lead to dramatic warping. Cabinetry of all ages needs to be cared for correctly. Metal fittings such as hinges and doorknobs, drawer runners, and latches can rust quickly. This rust can, in turn, run whenever there are slight elevations in humidity, staining cabinet doors. 

Also, water from appliance malfunction problems can pool under flooring, entering through even the smallest cracks, forming future problems and possibly mold damage. This moisture can keep your kitchen damp-feeling, and when air conditioning or central air is used, this cooler environment, along with closed doors and windows, can keep the water trapped inside. 

At SERVPRO, knowing how to solve situations such as this, although seemingly minor, can prevent much more costly situations from becoming a reality. Moisture travels – it never stays put in one spot. When even minor flood damage exists, we realize much more damage that a lack of action can create. Moisture from an overflowing dishwasher or broken garbage disposal can eventually end up as far away as your attic! 

No job is too big, nor too small, for SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg. Call us for your flood damage control needs at (727) 522-0000, anytime, day or night. We can help prevent more significant problems from happening elsewhere in your home.

Why Choose SERVPRO® for Hurricane Clean Up?

5/17/2021 (Permalink)

palm trees blowing in a storm with rain droplets Hurricane Preparedness Guide for residents in St. Petersburg.

SERVPRO Offers St. Petersburg Residents Rapid Water Removal Services and Restoration, 24/7!

Every household within the St. Petersburg area should have a solid emergency plan in place should you experience a hurricane or significant storm surge. Keeping safe is just half of the battle once the storm is here. You also need to know who you can call to ensure you limit loss and secondary damage to your home.

Whenever torrential rain and wind hit St. Petersburg, there is the danger of a powerful tidal surge. If you experience groundwater flooding, rapid water extraction must follow before saltwater corrosion settles in. Rather than risk your property and pocketbook on unlicensed contractors, SERVPRO of N.E. St. Petersburg is available with IICRC-certified water restoration technicians (WRT) and dependable controlled demolition services. We specialize in water cleanup and restoration after:

  • Tropical storms
  • Hurricanes
  • Wind damage
  • Storm surges

Click here to view our complete '2021 Hurricane Preparedness Guide

Within your emergency contacts, be sure that you include (727) 522-0000 so that you can reach SERVPRO of N.E. St. Petersburg 24/7 for emergency storm recovery services. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster and available to help you get your property back to preloss condition.

Handling Flood Damage After a St. Petersburg Storm

4/6/2021 (Permalink)

dark storm cloud Hurricane season is fast approaching. Know that should your home incur storm damage, SERVPRO is always on call.

Flood Restoration and Damage Cleanup in St. Petersburg is Easier When you Enlist SERVPRO’s Help

Are you dealing with a leaking roof from storms that rolled through? It would be best if you thought about having any ceiling repairs from water damages handled sooner than later. If you let moisture fester for too long, it brings the potential for mold growth and costly secondary damage. SERVPRO will arrive quickly at your St. Petersburg home to get to work on the cleanup and restoration!

Water removal services are just part of the process when you call us for flood damage in St. Petersburg. SERVPRO puts a plan into action to include steps such as:

  • Excess water extraction
  • Setting up measures for humidity control
  • Removal of all damaged materials
  • Demo, as needed, to help accelerate drying
  • Deodorize surfaces to eliminate the onset of musty odors
  • Establish drying zones by carefully positioning drying equipment

Our Green Fleet arrives stocked and ready to tackle your water cleanup to facilitate our proven methods for water damage restoration. Flood restoration is something that our IICRC-certified technicians thrive in, so call us first!

Flood damage after a storm is no match for our crew at SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg. Call us for emergency restoration services 24/7 at (727) 522-0000. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

What is the Time Frame to Repair Flood Damage?

3/4/2021 (Permalink)

Storm clouds and lightning It's spring storm season, and that means potential flooding. SERVPRO is always available for your flood damage restoration needs.

SERVPRO Work Quickly to Mitigate and Restore your St. Petersburg Home after Flooding

Harsh weather conditions can lead to the flooding of residential properties. Standing water, a common symptom of flooding, can put excessive pressure on a home's structure. As time passes, water migrates into parts of the property that may be tough to reach.

Professional flood damage restoration services in St. Petersburg can help to mitigate losses in your property. SERVPRO operates in the local area, which allows us to arrive quickly at the scene and begin urgent mitigation. Usually, flood restoration starts with a safety assessment and draining the property using powerful submersible pumps. Afterward, a water restoration technician can work with an insurance adjuster to produce a verbal estimate.

  • We utilize a restore over replace mentality that can keep claim expenses low.
  • Project Managers and Crew chiefs have experience working together with insurance adjusters.
  • We promise to take a contaminated property back to a sanitary level using our exceptional expertise and equipment.

Storms can lead to significant personal property damages. Contact SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg for flood damage restoration at (727) 522-0000.

What Can St. Petersburg Residents Do when their Homes Sustain Flood Damage?

2/8/2021 (Permalink)

Cloud to ground lightning against night sky Storms are frequent in our neck of the woods. You can rest easy because SERVPRO is always on call to remediate your storm and flood damage.

Property Owners Can Hire SERVPRO Restorers Handle the Storm Flood Damage

Even a minor storm can cause significant flood damage in your residence. Water can travel in hard-to-reach areas within a short period. Therefore, mopping floodwater and waiting for the surface to dry is not the best solution.

Drywall, ceilings, and other surfaces are made of porous materials. Drying these surfaces may require innovative technology to minimize the spread of storm flood damage in your St. Petersburg home. Therefore, it is essential to involve a renowned restoration company like SERVPRO immediately after the unfortunate incident happens.

Several problems may occur when water gets into your home, including:

  • Water spots on fabric
  • Swelling and warping of wood
  • Corrosion of metallic surfaces

How does SERVPRO Restore Homes?

Our technicians have decades of experience and groundbreaking equipment and tools. Since porous materials can hold water for an extended period, our restorers can use indirect-fired furnaces, which use heat exchangers to raise the affected building's temperatures. That speeds up the evaporation rate on porous surfaces and cavities, expediting the drying process.

Should flood damage occur in your St. Petersburg home, contact SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg for an excellent restoration "Like it never even happened." You can reach us at (727) 522-0000.

St. Petersburg Residents Unleash Their Inner Artist

12/11/2020 (Permalink)

An artist giving pour paint instructions while doing it himself. Are you having flooding issues in your St. Pete condo? Call SERVPRO for the flooding remediation you need to get back to preloss conditions.

Create Pour Painting Masterpieces in St. Petersburg

On December 13, The Missing Muse is hosting pour painting sessions for aspiring creatives. Lessons take place at The Centre of St. Pete Beach on Blind Pass Road, just west of St. Petersburg. Learn more about this accessible and fun craft from artist Beth Thomas.

This workshop aims to teach participants the following pour painting skills:

  • Preparing your canvas for a pour painting
  • New techniques during each session diversify your pieces for unique results each time
  • How to mix different types of paints and differentiate between craft paints, fluid paints, and heavy body paints
  • Utilizing various pouring vessels, recipes, and media

Pour painting is not only a fun and creative way to create abstractions: it allows anyone at any skill level to craft beautiful artworks. This creative outlet is also highly therapeutic and exciting and will enable participants to relax and “go with the flow.”

SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg mitigates condo flooding in St. Petersburg 24 hours a day, seven days a week when you call (727) 522-0000.

How Do Professionals Keep Flood Recovery Costs Down?

10/21/2020 (Permalink)

lightning and rain on blue background Storms and flooding are a continual event in Florida. SERVPRO is always standing by for your emergency restoration needs.

SERVPRO is a Highly Trained Flood Removal Expert that Can Keep the Restoration of your St. Petersburg Home Low

Why is expense control important to flood restoration?

Restoration companies practice responsible cost management when carrying out flood removal in your St. Petersburg home to ensure services are efficient and easy to claim. Controlling expenses can also influence the time it takes to restore a property. Cleaning items that later need replacing can make the difference between taking two weeks to return a flooded property to preloss condition and two months. Careful planning and scoping of a property is one of the most valuable methods in reducing restoration timeframes. The sooner we can return your parcel to a safe condition, the sooner you can return home.

What stages of planning influence restoration timeframes?

  • Diligently preparing can ensure that multiple trips for resources or equipment are avoided saving both time and money.
  • Documenting job-site requirements can significantly speed up the administrative aspects of accessing equipment or processing your estimate.
  • Completing each day of restoration with thorough walkthroughs to identify any potential issues or successes in real-time.

Can homeowner possessions become damaged by restoration?

When flood removal occurs in your St. Petersburg home, there is likely to be a significant movement of personal contents, documents, and clothing. Affected rooms may need to be temporarily cleared to allow for restoration equipment or our workforce. SERVPRO takes pride in protecting the possessions of homeowners throughout a restoration. Damage reimbursement is always available; however, our technicians thoroughly document and carefully pack any materials or possessions that are restorable. Taking extra care can help to significantly reduce the stresses associated with a storm or flood recovery

How does professional restoration reduce expenses?

  • Documenting the scoping process of restoration work which can help to create a detailed estimate.
  • Providing value by offering add-on repair to structural components that may have a limited lifespan or could cause harm to your home
  • Implementing strategies to prevent secondary damages or structural deficiencies, like poor insulation, from affecting the home after restoration is complete.

Recovering your home quickly and cost-efficiently can help to ease the burden of a flood event. Contact SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000.

How Do Homeowners Cleanup a Flooded Entryway?

9/11/2020 (Permalink)

stacked on grass drying equipment This Photo illustrates that SERVPRO has the team and the drying equipment to overcome flooding in the St. Petersburg Area

SERVPRO Cleans and Dries Flooded Areas in St. Petersburg

If you are a resident of St. Pete, you are no stranger to floods. Shore Acres and surrounding areas often experience flooding during a storm or sometimes even during high tide. The combination of saltwater and contaminated black floodwater poses a unique challenge to residents. Not only are you removing blackwater, but you are also dealing with the added detriment of salt.

What Steps Do I Take to Ensure Moisture is Not Under My Baseboards?

SERVPRO Technicians Remove Baseboards and Perform Flood Cuts

Even though flood damage in St. Petersburg is a fairly common occurrence, that does not mean that it is any less destructive to items at the floor level. Fortunately, baseboards are easy to remove and replace with minimal effort and finishing nails or staples. However, it is essential to consider that more than your baseboards may be wet. A small amount of moisture in your walls can cause a lot of damage if not dealt with right away. If technicians detect water in your drywall, they can perform flood cuts, typically at the 24 or 48-inch mark, to allow for easy replacement. Flood cuts allow technicians to dry the cavity and remove impacted insulation.

What Could Happen To Other Materials in My Home?

  • Nails: Water alone can rust nails; however, the addition of salt water may cause corrosion.
  • Insulation: Soaked insulation often needs replacing since moisture reduces its effectiveness. Excess moisture also may foster mold growth.
  • Belongings resting on the floor could undergo damage such as warped surfaces or compromised vapor barriers if not relocated to a dry, safe place.

Each loss situation is unique. However, it is essential to take quick action after the floodwater recedes to mitigate long-term secondary damage. Since flooding often comes in from the street and into the front of the home.  You may also choose to explore long-term options to seal off your entryway.

For 24/7 assistance after a flood, contact SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000. We make it, "Like it never even happened."

How Do I Remove Floodwaters From my House?

6/8/2020 (Permalink)

boots in flood water Our team of SERVPRO professionals have the experience and state pf the art equipment to get your home back to the state it was in before the incident.

Our Restorers Mitigate Flood Damage by Extracting Water Quickly and Efficiently

How can I assess the level of harm caused by flooding?

When a storm hits St. Petersburg, it is likely to cause issues for your property. These can often be due to a flood that can occur from heavy rainfall or river and road overflow. To measure the extent of harm caused by a wave, we need to extract water from your home. When standing water levels affect the first floor, only we can deploy electric submersible pumps. These pumps have enough lift volume to transport water up to twenty-five feet away from your property and are the most effective method of water removal. Once the standing water level reduces, we can assess what category of harm you are experiencing.

How can I remove water from the subfloor?

When flood damage occurs in your St. Petersburg home, it may affect your subfloor. The subfloor is a cavity that supports the floorboards or carpets. Removing the floor or carpet to allow air-movers and extractors can be useful, but it is also time-consuming. SERVPRO can use drying mats which position directly onto the surface of your floor and use water tubing as well as centrifugal pressure to draw moisture up through the floorboards. 

What happens to a property during a flood?

- Water intrusion into the property which can result in standing water

- Water migration over time which can affect the subfloor or cavities of your home

- Secondary damages like mold growth can buildup in as little as seventy-two hours

Is deodorization important in flood restoration?

Floodwaters classify as blackwater emergencies, which means there is a strong chance of contamination in the water. Our technicians have experience dealing with contaminated water intrusion, which can often be a sufficient guard against unpleasant odors. If malodors do persist after restoration is complete, we can use ultra-low-volume thermal foggers to control odor in the property until it disperses naturally.

Getting rid of floodwaters after a storm is a professional job. Contact SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000.

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A Flood Has Ruined My Home, What Should I Do?

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couch floating in room Do you have a flooding problem in your St. Petersburg home? Call SERVPRO to get rid of all that water.

Contact SERVPRO Franchise Professionals to Provide Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Your St. Petersburg Home

Flooding can cause damage, leading to serious issues both to the interior and exterior of a St. Petersburg home. Flooding can take place fast with minimal warning, and flood damage can leave your home requiring significant repairs. It can be daunting to recover from a flood and understand the steps to take afterward.

Why is floodwater dangerous?

Floodwater can affect human health significantly because there could be bacteria, fungi, viruses, pesticides, sharp objects, pests, and chemicals, among other hazardous substances in it. You need experts who can perform efficient flood damage cleanup in your St. Petersburg home. SERVPRO franchise professionals know what it takes to clean up, dry, disinfect and deodorize a flooded house.

What precautions should I take after a flood?

After a flood, you should take some precautions to avoid injury and extensive damage to your property. They include:

  • Avoid walking in floodwater and wear personal protective gear like boots and gloves if you must walk in it.
  • Turn off the electricity at the mains.
  • Call your insurance firm to inform it about the incident.
  • Check your home for signs of damage that needs professional help to repair such as bulges or cracks in the walls and changes to the structure.

How do you restore a flooded property?

The task of cleaning up your flood-damaged home can be a lengthy process, particularly in the case of severe water infiltration. Our SERVPRO team seeks to understand the nature of the flood. The existence of biological or chemical contaminants, sewage effluent or sands, silts, and solids in the floodwater dictates the way we manage recovery. For standing water containing the above items, we can deplore powerful trash-pumps for extraction.

We also consider the height the floodwater reached and its rate of flow around and inside the building. We use powerful extractors to remove water quickly. Our team then uses air moving and dehumidifying equipment to dry the home. We also use deodorization, antibacterial and anti-fungal products to eliminate odors and microorganisms from the affected areas of a structure.

When your home has flood damage, call SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000 for effective restoration. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Do I Deal with Flash Flooding in My St. Petersburg Home?

4/30/2020 (Permalink)

flooded bedroom with queen size bed Quick action towards water removal can help mitigate the situation. Contact team SERVPRO for efficient remediation services right away after damage.

We Can Arrive Quickly to Help Extract Water, Dry, and Thoroughly Clean Your House After Natural Flooding. 

A phenomenon like flash flooding can be a rapidly developing disaster that can be severely destructive to St. Petersburg homes. With the force that this high volume of water reaches your property, it can penetrate your main floor and crawl space, leaving you substantial water cleanup, extraction, and structural damage to face. Our professionals have a fast response to these emergencies because getting mitigation and debris removal started as soon as possible is the only method of protecting what you can of your property.

Because flood damage in St. Petersburg homes and apartments can vary so significantly, our technicians must stay prepared for many potential outcomes and situations that could develop. A thorough inspection of the property gets conducted as soon as possible to determine the full extent of the damage and what steps are necessary to return it to pre-flood conditions.

What Are the First Steps After Flooding? 

Dealing with the flash flooding damage in your St. Petersburg home involves you acting quickly. While having a set emergency plan is the right approach for you and your family, many residents do not understand the importance of these plans until after a disaster takes place. Because there is such a small window to save some of the contents and structural materials in your home, you should begin by:

  • Contacting Restoration Professionals 

Our SERVPRO professionals have a 24/7 response to flood losses. We are the first call you make because your insurance company wants documentation and evidence to approve a damage claim, and we can do this alongside vital mitigation steps and content management.

  • Preserve Treasured Belongings

Your belongings are at risk when floodwater stands in your house. Some of these items have monetary value and can get replaced rather quickly, but others are invaluable keepsakes. Do what you can to preserve irreplaceable items if it is possible to do this safely.

  • Reach Out to Your Insurance Provider

Living in Florida, many homeowners have sought out broader insurance coverage options that can help to defend their properties against natural disasters like hurricanes and subsequent flooding. Speak with your provider about your specific plan and what they need to begin helping you put the pieces back together.

  • Get Everyone to Safety

The safety of the occupants in your house should be one of the top priorities, and even more vital when you consider that many natural flooding scenarios bring in bacterial and viral threats.

How Fast Can Restorers Arrive?

While we have said that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster for years, we have also been the first in line to prove that statement as well. There is no emergency that our SERVPRO team seeks to help that is not worsened by the passing of time. The faster that our team can arrive and begin mitigation and restoration efforts, the better the outcome for the house and its contents. Much of our fast response can get attributed to:

  • Loaded job trailers and production vehicles
  • 24/7 availability of our experienced technicians
  • Local professionals that can mobilize fast

What Cleaning Steps Must Happen After Flooding?

Cleaning up after a flood involves the use of sophisticated tools and potent chemicals and solvents. Through different phases of restoration and recovery, we have multiple approaches that can help to return your house to its original condition before the disaster. These include:

  • Muck Out

Early in the mitigation stages, when our professionals first arrive at a damaged property, we focus on removing standing water from the premises. Once the standing water has gotten resolved, mud, debris, and other sediments can leave thick soiling of the property. We can shovel and vacuum these areas to begin cleaning it up.

  • Controlled Demolition 

After flooding, there are many circumstances where the removal of compromised structural elements is necessary. Not only can this help to reduce the secondary effects like contamination concerns, but it grants access to our responding technicians to more inaccessible areas.

  • Surface Cleaning

Wipe cleaning is a crucial element of restoring your home after a flood because films and residues are present on many surfaces and structural faces. With the use of numerous potent cleaning products, we can work to recover the surface appeal of these materials when they can get preserved.

  • Disinfection

With natural flooding, the threat of contamination and bacteria entering your home is too much to ignore. Because of this threat, we treat all of these circumstances as though they have the same potential hazards as raw sewage or other bio-threats. Cleaning surfaces with chlorine-based disinfectants and other products can eliminate many bacteria.

  • Post-Reconstruction Cleaning

After flooding, reconstruction is often unavoidable to get your home back to its original condition. Cleaning surfaces and the property after this construction is one of the final steps that our SERVPRO team can take to make the loss “Like it never even happened.”

After a flash flood, there are many cleaning and restoration steps to make your house feel like home again. Give our SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg technicians a call right away to help at (727) 522-0000.

Faster Recovery After Flood Damage Incidents in St. Petersburg

3/9/2020 (Permalink)

Drying equipment We know the steps to get your St. Petersburg home back from flood damage.

You should always have a plan for when your St. Petersburg home floods

After a flooding incident, homeowners in St. Petersburg go through different stages of coping with the loss. At the beginning is the hope that the incident is not as severe as it seems, which is later followed by acceptance of loss. After establishing that various restoration steps can help salvage the property, the final worry is how long the process is likely to take. Engaging professional restorers is one way to ensure faster restoration.

Avoiding Repetitive Steps

One aspect that can lengthen flood damage restoration in St. Petersburg is the repetition of tasks or performing unnecessary restoration work. Our SERVPRO technicians use the combined skills learned on the job and through training to establish which tasks are necessary at each loss site. We avoid steps such as cleaning carpets or other porous materials submerged in flooding involving groundwater. Such efforts are usually futile because cleaning cannot remove all contaminants. We remove all affected porous materials, including the wet carpet and pad for disposal, and prepare the affected area for replacement, thus expediting the entire process.

Extraction Instead of Evaporation

The drying phase after a flooding incident takes considerable time. Proper drying is crucial to help prevent severe problems such as mold development, bad odor, and deterioration of various materials, including wood and metals, which can rot, rust, or develop other problems. One way our SERVPRO technicians expedite drying is by focusing more efforts on extraction before considering evaporation. We use high-efficiency extraction equipment such as truck-mounted water extractors, which offer more power, especially during processes such as wet vacuuming. We also have specialized extraction equipment such as drying mats, which help remove water trapped beneath hard floors.

Closed Drying System over Open Drying System 

After completing water extraction, cleanup, and other restoration steps, there is a need to manage moisture levels in the air and wet materials. Although it is possible to accomplish this by opening doors and windows, such steps only work when conditions are perfect. Our crews use a closed drying system whereby air movers boost evaporation rates, while dehumidifiers extract the moisture from the air expediting the process.

It is possible to expedite flood damage recovery by taking appropriate steps during restoration. Call SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000 to help. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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The Nuances of Storm Damage Remediation in St. Petersburg Revealed

1/30/2020 (Permalink)

bedroom in house flooded with water and chair floating When flooding hits your home, the situation can seem overwhelming.  Contact SERVPRO to help you through this.

Easing the Cleanup Work Associated with Flood Damage When Storm Hit St. Petersburg Home

Flooding from a storm affects homes in a myriad of ways necessitating elaborate restoration processes. Sometimes, the biggest challenge is how to clean up the mess left after an incident, as was the case in St. Petersburg, where a severe storm forced groundwater into a home. Cleaning up loss sites is one of SERVPRO's specialties, so intervention from our team helped ease the restoration.

Managing debris collection

One of the main issues with flood damage from storm incidents in St. Petersburg is debris pile up because most porous materials are unsalvageable after exposure to excess water and contamination. Our SERVPRO technicians incorporate debris management into most of the restoration activities that we do. For instance, when tearing down walls or removing floor materials, we have trash receptors ready, so the waste materials are not strewn all over the site. At the St. Petersburg home, we removed the wall-to-wall carpet and pad, which were affected by groundwater. Slicing them into small square pieces helped them fit perfectly into the trash bins, organizing the restoration site.

Understanding materials when cleaning surfaces

Floodwaters spread everywhere, leaving all sorts of materials soiled. At the St. Petersburg home, we had to clean both finished and unfinished wood surfaces as well as tiles. Our SERVPRO technicians understand various challenges that different materials present and therefore take the right steps to tackle them. For example, wood is semi-porous and tends to swell after exposure to water. Our technicians were able to clean all wooden surfaces by applying professional cleaning agents and thoroughly agitating them to remove soils and traces of contaminants before starting drying procedures.

Final Touches

There is a tendency for flooding sites to develop bad odor or finishes on surfaces to deteriorate. Although there were minimal signs of these issues at the loss site, our technicians took a proactive approach. Mixing water-based deodorizers with the cleaning agents helped ensure a sweet scent once the cleaning was over. Drying excess moisture also helped ensure that no odors would develop later.

Restoring a home to its preloss state after flooding can be difficult. Call SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000 to help. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Call Us If Your St. Petersburg Attic Suffers Flooding

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flooding in home after a storm Give our technicians a call anytime at (727) 522-0000.

Attic Flooding Concerns for St. Petersburg Homes

Because of how often St. Petersburg homes and businesses find themselves in the path of destruction for powerful and devastating storm systems, it is not unlikely to expect to contend with flooding and other related circumstances over the life of your property. When roofs become damaged by a weather event, the vulnerability can quickly expand to allow runoff and direct torrential rainfall to penetrate the attic space. In homes where this area has gotten finished with drywall and is a livable space, this can be an even costlier loss incident.

As hazardous and stressful as flood damage in St. Petersburg homes can be, we are among the most well-equipped and experienced professionals in the restoration industry. We have education and accreditations from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in both Applied Structural Drying (ASD) and as Water Restoration Technicians (WRT.) This experience and education drive our team to provide confident and efficient recovery solutions.

While flooding might occur in the attic space, it does not take long for this damage to migrate without the appropriate containment solutions. We have effective extraction and drying tools that we can use even in this confined area to prevent the spread of water damage to the lower levels of your house. In situations where the moisture has gotten trapped between the floor of the attic and the ceiling of your first or second floor, we can deploy positive pressure systems to force air into these structural vacancies and dry them out.

Among the most substantial concerns with roof, vulnerabilities are the persistent exposure to dampness and moisture until the area can get reconstructed and repaired. To prevent situations like microbial growth from the beginning, we can spray exposed surfaces and materials with our antimicrobial spray that can eliminate a concentration of spores and make the material uninhabitable to spores attempting to colonize.

You cannot predict how vulnerable your home might become a passing severe storm, but you can choose the right team to help you deal with the aftermath. No matter how severe the flooding in your house, our SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg can make it “Like it never even happened.” Give our technicians a call anytime at (727) 522-0000.

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Why Professional Cleanup is Necessary for Flood Cleanup in St. Petersburg

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Yikes! Mold growth can cause damage to your drywall behind the visible mold colony. Call SERVPRO to restore your home today.

Learn Why Flood Damage in Your St. Petersburg Residence Calls for Thorough Cleanup

Flooding in St. Petersburg can result after torrential rains, tropical storms, hurricanes, and high tides. When strong winds accompany heavy rainfall, damage can occur to the roofs of homes if tree branches, power lines or debris fall on them, leading to water damage in the interiors. Floodwater can ruin hardwood floors, ceilings, walls, and the contents in almost any room of your house.

Removing the flood water is imperative because it is usually muddy and contaminated with microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, viruses, and pesticides from flooded lawns. When there’s flood damage in your St. Petersburg residence, it is imperative to hire professionals to perform the cleanup. The experienced Water Restoration Technicians (WRT) from SERVPRO can help you remove the black water from your house.  

Our crew can get to your house quickly, assess the severity of the water damage, and begin the critical step of flood damage remediation, which is removing as much water as possible. Water removal includes extracting the water using powerful portable pumps and discarding damp materials like the carpet and carpet pad, insulation, and sheetrock.  

Once we remove the water, we use drying equipment like commercial air movers and high-efficiency dehumidifiers to pull the remaining moisture from the building and the air. Moisture in a building can promote microbial growth. Our restorers use moisture meters to take moisture readings in the affected areas, including behind cabinets and wall cavities throughout the drying process to ensure everything is thoroughly dry.  

Another issue that floodwater can cause is mold growth on walls, ceilings, furniture, and fabrics. Mold can germinate in a moist, warm environment with food sources like drywall, indoor dirt, insulation, wood, and paper. In some conditions, mold spores grow after only 12 hours and can grow into colonies after 24 to 48 hours. Quickly removing the water and moisture helps prevent mold damage from occurring. We have applied microbial remediation technicians (AMRTs) who can use sophisticated tools and products to clean up your home after it has flooded so it can be safe for habitation once the restoration process is over. We can sanitize your home using antimicrobial chemicals or UV ray projectors. Our SERVPRO technicians also offer other restoration services to get a house back to its preloss state, including:

  • Air duct cleaning
  • Eliminating bad odors
  • Removing possible contaminants from the ductwork.
  • Mold remediation

How quickly the flood damage remediation process begins determines its success. We answer our phones 24/7, and we can get one of our trucks on route to your house immediately to start the cleanup process.  

When you have experienced flooding in your home, call SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000 for prompt cleanup, drying, and restoration. We have the experience and knowledge to make the destruction seem “Like it never even happened.”

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Why Handle Flood Damage Remediation in Your St. Petersburg Home Alone?

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Flood damage can't always be prevented. Contact the professionals at SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Crucial Steps that Help Keep Flood Damage in St. Petersburg Manageable

Flooding incidents can vary a lot in terms of causes, and the levels of intensity. However, every kind of flooding has the potential to leave severe damages in your St. Petersburg home. Damages can also happen immediately or long after the incident is over. There is a need to take several corrective steps to restore the home to its preloss state.

Responding fast to flooding incidents can help keep the levels of flood damage in St. Petersburg manageable because it creates an opportunity for preventive measures to be taken in time. Steps such as moving items or securing the structure can help prevent damages that take time to happen. Our SERVPRO teams board up the structure and install roof tarps in case of breach by falling tree branches, or strong winds. We also help with move-outs where necessary.

Since flooding involves significant amounts of water, there is a need for serious removal efforts. In some cases, the water flows out as the flooding recedes outside the structure. However, floodwaters contain mud, silt and other soils necessitating further steps even if the water drains on its own. Our SERVPRO technicians use water extractors, which also have cleaning capabilities. The units have vacuuming, heating, and storage capabilities, which help with the removal of water and cleaning of affected areas.

One of the issues likely to cause long-term damages to property after flooding is residue moisture. Moisture can remain in the air as humidity or in wet materials. In some cases, water that finds a way into concealed sections such as subfloors or wall cavities can remain hidden, leading to rot, mold or other long-term problems. Our SERVPRO teams include IICRC certified WRT, Water Restoration Technicians, who apply their knowledge in different ways to prevent future problems. We use different moisture detection equipment, including moisture meters and sensors with probes to establish the levels of wetness in materials. We also use thermo-hygrometers to check humidity levels inside and outside the house. Once we establish the moisture levels, we can use air movers and dehumidifiers to restore average moisture levels.

For the stress-free restoration of your flood-damaged property, call SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000 to help. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Why SERVPRO Is The Leader In Flood Damage Restoration In St. Petersburg

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We make your home safe to live in again after flood damage. We are here 24/7 to restore your home with our expertise, experience and equipment,

The Safe Removal of Black Water in Flood Damage for St. Petersburg Residents

A road overflow can cause significant damage to your property. Usually the result of heavy rainfall, road overflows send flood water contaminated with raw sewage or other pesticides into your home which requires immediate professional assistance. We are a licensed service that can provide an adequate response to the presence of black water in your home; allowing you to get on with your everyday life as quickly as possible.

When we are called to a property to repair flood damage in St. Petersburg, the first concern is the type of water we are dealing with. A visual inspection is vital to ensuring the correct safety equipment and tools are provided for the full service. High levels of contamination are known as black water and could contain animal carcasses, herbicides, pesticides, or raw sewage.

Black water poses a serious threat to your health. SERVPRO technicians can cordon off the affected zone using physical barriers and establish a quarantine for your safety. Since black water is a biohazardous waste, many materials may need removal, packaging, and disposal before being replaced at the end of service-when contamination is completely removed.

Porous materials are especially vulnerable. Carpets, as well as sections of drywall, may need to be removed including the subfloor mat for disposal. Valuable materials can be packed out by SERVPRO and treated with Esporta washing machines to sanitize them. Equally, we can use immersion tanks for denser items which restore them using ultrasonic cleaning technology. These advanced equipment are effective at salvaging items you may not have thought salvageable.

Black water also causes unpleasant odors to permeate the home. The biocides, bleaches, and chlorine that we may use to disinfect the site also carry a thick odor. Your SERVPRO technician can fumigate the whole of the home using thermal foggers. This equipment attaches to odor particles and neutralizes them leaving your home smelling clean and fresh, "Like it never even happened" after flood damage.

Black water can pose a severe risk to your health, contact SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-000.

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When Floodwaters Penetrate the Structural Cavities of Your St. Petersburg Home

3/13/2019 (Permalink)

Heavy rains in Florida are a common occurrence. Call SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg to restore your home.

Clearing Flood Damage in the Structural Cavities of Your St. Petersburg Home

Water, by nature, moves from wet to dry. This natural migration is what makes professional restoration a necessity if your home falls victim to flooding. Standing water causes more harm the longer it is allowed to sit; saturating fabrics, fittings and absorbing into your subfloor. One area of particular concern is wall cavities where water can reside unnoticed and potentially stagnant or cause complicated secondary damages.

We have helped residents deal with flood damage in St. Petersburg for decades because we train our technicians comprehensively. These property damages are time sensitive which is why we organize a rapid response unit that is on hand to help you in this situation. As an organization with national resources, SERVPRO can mobilize extensive remediation equipment specially designed for these circumstances.

When water migrates into wall cavities, it can quickly saturate sheetrock which needs to be demolished and disposed of in most cases. Failure to do so can lead to mold or mildew growth inside your walls which is far more time consuming and expensive to remove properly. SERVPRO has the equipment to both measure saturation levels and draws water from cavities in your home's structure.

Thermal imaging cameras use infrared light to help us see behind opaque structures in the home, like walls, and assess the level of moisture present. We can also deploy moisture meters to ascertain the actual water content behind structures as well as Thermo-Hygrometers which tell us the relative humidity. This equipment is vital in the planning stage as they tell your SERVPRO technician precisely what we need to get your home back to preloss condition.

The second phase of water damage remediation is to deploy structural cavity drying equipment. These could include injectidry systems which use several individual injectors to blast warm air into the cavity and evaporate moisture. If your home as hardwood floorboards or tiling we can use specialized drying mats to pull the moisture from underneath them without having to remove and replace the existing floor. An approach like this ensures that not only is the evidence of flood damage removed but reduces the likelihood of long-term damages.

Advanced equipment is critical to proper remediation, contact SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000 today.

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Why are Water Extraction Methods Important to Your Flooded St. Petersburg Home?

12/11/2018 (Permalink)

When you experience a water loss event, you need highly trained and equipped professionals to help.

Trusted Flood Removal Services for Residents of St. Petersburg

After experiencing a stressing incident such as a flood, your priority is to make sure your loved ones are safe before seeking for professional flood removal services. The goal of such services is to return your property to its preloss condition. We can inspect your St. Petersburg property and determine whether it is safe to re-enter, restore power issues, and put in place measures to prevent additional damage.  

Let us start by looking at some of the procedures that our SERVPRO technicians perform during flood removal in St. Petersburg. If there is still water on your property, we have to perform water removal/extraction procedures. By using truck-mounted vacuum systems and powerful pumps, we can remove large quantities of water from your home. If the units we are using cannot access areas with limited space, then we can use portable water extractors to remove water from such areas.  

The water removal process should begin almost immediately to increase the chances of salvaging most of your items. We determine the water removal processes or the equipment used by the amount of water in your home. Physical water extraction methods help in reducing the drying time. Flood water usually is full of contaminants and removing your carpet, and the carpet pad is necessary to protect the subfloor.  

After removing excess water from your home, our SERVPRO technicians perform drying and dehumidification processes. They are necessary procedures, even when the walls and floor appear dry. When the water comes into contact with building materials such as drywall and wood, they can retain water since they are porous. The retained water may cause mold damage or cause the materials to warp. We install Dehumidifiers and air movers in your building to enhance dehumidification and drying. All through, we use we track progress by using monitoring equipment.  

SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg is Faster to Any Size Disaster when attending to flood damage issues in commercial and residential properties. Our highly trained technicians are available 24 hours a day to attend to all your restoration and cleaning needs. Call us at (727) 522-0000 to get reliable restoration services.

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Hurricane Season Can Cause Flood Damage to Your St. Petersburg Home

8/31/2018 (Permalink)

When your home suffers from flooding after a storm, call SERVPRO immediately for efficient remediation services.

Team SERVPRO Makes Your Flooded Home Our Priority After a Call for Drying Out Services

Hurricane season is notorious in Florida for causing flood damage to businesses and homes alike, especially in cities that are settled coast-side. These tropical ocean-based storms hit hard and bring thousands of gallons of rain in a small allotment of time. In fact, some of these floodings can be so bad that streetways become flooded to the point where it is no longer possible to use cars or walk outside. However, in the case of your home, the storm was not nearly as devastating.
Most people take a summer vacation when they can, however, needing to schedule an emergency return flight the day after a hurricane causes flood damage to your St. Petersburg home can be a nauseating concept. Coming home and finding your single-level home flooded up to your knees is never something that anyone wishes to come back to. It is essential that when you discover the flooding inside of your home, you call for professional remediation services as swiftly as possible.
When you call SERVPRO, our techs make it a priority to arrive at your residence within hours. We understand that time is a crucial factor in remediation and promptly getting to your property helps ensure a successful job. Upon arrival at your property, SERVPRO can begin to discuss a plan to remediate the damage to your furniture, walls, floors, carpets, drapes and other belongings. Seeing as the flood is house-wide, our technicians can recommend for you to stay elsewhere while we attempt to remediate the damage.
The first job for our SERVPRO techs is to get the standing water out of your house. We can use tools such as submersible pumps, wet/dry vacuums, and extractors to remove the water at a faster pace. Extractors are particularly useful with carpets, fabric furniture, and drapes as they have a heating element that helps dry the material as we draw the moisture out.
Once we manage to get all of the stagnant water out of your home and help reduce the chances of microbial growth, we can use moisture meters to determine the level of dryness throughout your home. Should you need further moisture-reduction, SERVPRO can set up tools such as ventilation fans and dehumidifiers to help eliminate the excess.
If a hurricane causes flood damage to your house, never hesitate or wait to call for help. Reach out to SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg by calling (727) 522-0000. Day or night, we are always ready to take the job.

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Restoring Foundation Damage Leading To Flooding In Your Pinellas County House

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

A leaking foundation can be an initial warning sign for substantial water damage to your Pinellas County home.

Restoring Foundation Damage

A leaking foundation can be an initial warning sign for substantial water damage to your Pinellas County home. While a concrete slab might just begin to allow small streams of moisture into the underside of your home, after even a short period, these avenues become wider and easier to pass through. Once this occurs, you need professional restoration services to overcome flooding in your house or underneath it.

You might be among the many homeowners that do not see the potential concerns with moisture and water damages leeching up through the concrete and pooling under your house. Since the problem often begins on such a minuscule scale, it can give you the impression that it goes away on its own. What happens can be widespread flooding damage and worse for your Pinellas County residence.

Once water pools underneath the flooring and supports for your house, this can prove a challenging issue to overcome. While extraction and drying remain the initial steps that our SERVPRO technicians take to restore the issue, this is only a small piece of the work that must get completed to bring the area back to preloss condition.

The present moisture within this area worsens the longer that it sits and comes up through the avenues in the concrete. These conditions can lead to degradation of the wooden framework, warping of wooden flooring materials, oversaturation of carpeting and drywall, and even mold growth.

An initial assessment and structure and water source can help our SERVPRO team determine what equipment is necessary to restore the damage. This isolation of the cause can help you to get this repaired as quickly as possible.

Hydrostatic pressure can force external water up through concrete slabs, providing a quick avenue for flooding to affect this area as well. To keep your home from shifting under a saturated concrete slab or blockwork, trust in our SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg emergency response team to arrive quickly and work efficiently until the restoration job gets completed. You can give our team a call anytime at (727) 522-0000.

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Treating Flood Damage In Shore Acres

7/12/2018 (Permalink)

Shore Acres Flooding Gets Help from SERVPRO

SERVPRO Understands the Ramifications of Contaminated Floodwaters during Extraction and Recovery

Residents of Shore Acres are no strangers to flooding. We occasionally miss some of it from being as inland as you can be in Florida, but storms still wreak havoc on our neighborhoods.
When the Shores Acres flood damage is from a storm, SERVPRO technicians understand that removing the water and cleaning surfaces is more important than when the water comes from a source like a failing water heater. Any water from outside the home also brings the threat of contamination in the form of black water.
Blackwater does not refer to color, but rather the level and type of contamination. It is considered Category Three, which means it is unsanitary. There are multiple types of contaminants, and if a storm caused a collapse in the sewer system, the flood water also contains human waste and now is a disease threat as well.
SERVPRO technicians pump out this water using the same pumps as in any situation, but they pump it back into the sewer if it is available. If not, they use a dedicated tank truck. Once filled, the truck empties into the nearest treatment plant, or EPA approved storage facility.
After removing the water, our technicians spray an anti-bacterial cleaner on the floors, walls, and any surface that came into contact with the flood water. Carpets and carpet pads they spray and then dispose of according to the EPA and State health regulations.
With the contamination threat removed, our specialists begin testing wood floors for water content. They use non-penetrating moisture meters to determine the highest concentration of water and start there with extraction wands to remove it. At the same time, other specialists set up air movers, fans, and dehumidifiers to remove the damp air from inside the home and replace it with dry air.
Technicians also use a penetrating moisture meter at the more wet areas to check for excess water in the sub-floor. If they find water, technicians remove flooring near the wall or at a spot where a bookcase might sit and spray the anti-bacterial agent into the sub-floor cavity as a precaution.
After waiting enough time to kill any contamination, they use a pump or extraction wand with a hose to remove any standing water. Then, technicians use an air mover and hose to force warm, dry air into the cavity to dry it.
At SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg we understand not just how important it is to return families to their home but to do it safely and thoroughly. There are more storms in the forecast, so when you need us, call (727) 522-0000 any day of the week to have one of our crews arrive at your home.

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Key Factors That Mitigate Flood Damage in Shore Acres

5/8/2018 (Permalink)

After a Shore Acres Storm, Call SERVPRO for Water, not Gator, Removal

SERVPRO Follows Protocols to Minimize Storm Damage to Properties and Possessions

After experiencing flood damage, drying your contents and building needs to be done as soon as possible. For successful drying, there are four key factors that we take into consideration, and these are air movement, temperature, humidity, and the quantity of water to extract and evaporate from the site. We are going to let you know how these factors relate when salvaging and restoring your Shore Acres property to its earlier state.
The practice that our SERVPRO technicians follow when attending to flood damage incidents in Shore Acres is to remove the moisture from wet materials to the drier surrounding and establish equilibrium. If there is standing water on the site, we first conduct physical extraction before carrying out evaporation and dehumidification processes. That is because removing gases is on-going while physically removing liquids. We use submersible pumps, portable and truck-mounted pumps to extract the water. The choice of equipment depends on the quantity of water and the accessibility of the structure. Sometimes, a mob and bucket suffice for surface removal of water.
When we increase the temperature of the rooms to around 70° to 90° using portable heaters if necessary in this sub-tropical area of Florida, the wet materials lose moisture to the surrounding air. Often storms occur during the heat of the summer. With time, we end up with too much moisture in the air, and we have to install dehumidifiers to prevent secondary damage when condensation sets in. The work of dehumidifiers is to absorb the water vapor. When using these devices, we aim at achieving a relative humidity which is lower than 40% so that the additional moisture in the air does not slow the rate of evaporation.
Air movement is another essential process since it increases the rate of drying. It achieves this by moving the humid and damp air from the wet surfaces. Our SERVPRO technicians adhere to IICRC regulations when positioning air movers for high efficiency. It is vital to understand that there is a big difference between fans and air movers. Directional, high-velocity air movers weep wetness from surfaces mitigating water damage.
The goal of SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg is to make your property be restored to its preloss condition “Like it never even happened." Call us at (727) 522-0000 when you face water, fire, mold and storm damage, and we can give you proven services.

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Vulnerable Structural Components Could Allow Flood Damage to Your Shore Acres Residence

4/14/2018 (Permalink)

You can rely on the professionals at SERVPRO to restore your home after flood damage "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Gets to Work Quickly after a Flood to Prevent Further Damage to Your Home

By the time that flooding has begun to affect your Shore Acres home, you are already at significant risk for substantial damages that are as costly as they are time-consuming. The trouble with a scenario like this is that it is all too real for those that live in the line of harsh storm systems. Fortunately, you have a professional restoration outfit at your disposal to help you clean up the mess and prevent reoccurrence for future storms that might pass through.

Most people do not put much thought or concern into the ability of their Shore Acres homes to prevent flood damage until the disaster is underway. Only then do you think of the structural weaknesses and compromised points of the exterior of your home that currently allow water to pass through into your residence unabated. Fortunately, if you react quickly, this situation does not have to get more out of hand and damaging than it already is currently. 

From the time that our SERVPRO professionals arrive at your home, we immediately get to work on identifying the vulnerable points which allow water to enter in. These areas get sealed up by varying methods depending on where in your house the damage originates. After this process gets completed, our IICRC certified technicians can set our sights on extraction. With higher volumes, pump trucks get used to pull the water from the affected area quickly, and this process gets finished with wet vacs fitted with extraction wands.

Drying the area is a critical component of the process, as this allows our SERVPRO team to inspect for structural damage and weakness. This process typically gets achieved using air movers and dehumidification equipment, though some specialty tools might be a requirement if the water has reached challenging areas like underneath flooring or inside of walls.

Flood damage to your home might be par for the course regarding those who live in this area, but it is never something you want to have to contend with in your own home. Trust in the experience and professionalism of our SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg team to help you restore this damage quickly and bring your home back to the way it used to be. You can call us anytime you need us at (727) 522-0000.  

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Making a Fast Recovery from Flood Damage in St. Petersburg

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

React to your flooded situation quickly by contacting SERVPRO and help minimize the damage as well as any secondary damage possibilities.

Team SERVPRO Quickly Arrives at Your Home, Ready to Tackle the Flooding Scenario

Because unexpected flooding can strike at any time in St. Petersburg, it helps to know that experienced and professional crews can help mitigate the damage, no matter how bad things seem. Placing things at a higher level of the home to save them from the incoming water can help calm homeowners, but safety should always remain a primary concern for everyone involved.

When a home or other property suffers from flood damage in St. Petersburg, getting the water out starts the recovery process, but it alone never suffices. Floods bring dirty water into your property, meaning your home needs cleaning and sanitizing, drying out, and removal of debris.

Debris comes in many sizes and includes both inert materials, such as plastics, organic-based substances, and chemicals. Leaving these inside your home allows the disaster to literally grow. Only physical removal can adequately handle this aspect of flood damage. We handle such debris as the organic waste it mingles with requires - double bagging while wearing personal protection equipment.

The professionals at SERVPRO know how overwhelming a flood feels, so we train in all areas of flood damage recovery. Our extensive training not only prepares us for coping with the tasks involved in mitigating flooding and other types of disasters that threaten to take over the homes in our community, but it also earns us our IICRC certificates.

Floors often require substantial care immediately after a flood. Not only do they become saturated, but the silt and other microscopic debris that becomes lodged within carpets, wood floors and under tiles can create problems if still present at installation time for new flooring systems.

Our Odor Control Technician (OCT) helps in this area of flood damage mitigation by using ozone and hydroxyl machines. These produce gasses which quickly bond with leftover particles, particles that can produce foul odors. Accomplishing both a cleaner home and eliminating odors, your home soon looks and smells "Like it never even happened" again.

SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg can be reached by calling (727) 522-0000. Our services are always available, round-the-clock, every day of the year. Locally owned and operated, we serve the communities of Placido and Coffeepot Bayous, St. Petersburg, and the surrounding area.

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Repairing Flood Damaged Flooring in St. Petersburg

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damaged Flooring in St. Petersburg Gets Help from SERVPRO "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Restores and Replaces Storm Damaged Floor Materials When Required

Flooding in St. Petersburg costs homeowners millions each year. With all of the water that came in and took so much time to remove, this year may be the most expensive in almost two decades.

For so many homes, repairing St. Petersburg flood damage starts from the ground up. Wood floors, although they can look amazing, trap water; sometimes a lot of it. SERVPRO knows that if the water is not removed quickly, floorboards begin to buckle and warp. Worse, the same water also damages the sub-floor and other supporting structures. Fortunately, we can rebuild it.
First though, we have to tear out the old ones if they cannot be dried and salvaged. Our response team can remove the entire floor, sub-floors and other supports in most homes in just a day or two. They set aside any floorboards and floor trim that look potentially salvageable for later. For the rest, any sign of a buckle or twist and the team disposes of the wood. Depending on the condition of the warping, reinstalling and sanding the cupped joints of hardwood flooring can work.
If we tear out enough of the supports, our team may need to bring in temporary jacks to shore up the wall supports until we replace the floor. SERVPRO personnel are trained to do this with minimal risk to the drywall and the rest of the home.

Before laying in a new sub-floor, we check the foundation pad. If the flooding has shifted it, our technicians or our partners in rebuilding use more massive jacks to lift the concrete and then pack in fill dirt to level everything out again. If the sub-floor is laid directly on dirt, we relevel to prevent incorrect installation of the new supports.
Now, we lay on the new floor. To ensure we do it correctly the first time, every line and gap is checked to make sure the boards fit next to each other snugly and that every end is carefully joined with the next piece. Tongue and groove dovetailing is essential for floor restoration. Team members are trained to install most major brands and to use the sanders and other tools on-hand when a floorboard needs to be shaved down to fit. Once it is installed, we also stain or paint the floor to match the existing paint and furniture.
At SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg we do everything possible to remediate the effects of flood damage and return you and your family to a safe, clean environment. For more information about what we can do for your home, call us today at (727) 522-0000.

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Hurricane Irma and Your Winter Home in NE St. Petersburg

10/12/2017 (Permalink)

St. Petersburg Meets Up with Hurricane Irma

Water and Mold Damage Result from Tropical Storms

Hundreds of thousands of people enjoy living in more northern parts of the country during the warmer months and then return to sunnier places, such as St. Petersburg, for the winter months. Avoiding the inclement weather that living in their winter homes would force upon them, our winter residents can usually depend on sunny beaches, warm breezes, and stress-free daily activities in a healthy environment.

Hurricane Irma came to our beautiful Florida coasts like few hurricanes ever have, and many of the homes and condos in St. Petersburg suffered terribly. Battered by the wind and the rain, with many physical objects adding to the tumult, residences took on water in vast amounts. Allowed to sit, saturating materials even more thoroughly, these homes become more damaged with each passing day.

Within these homes' closed-off interiors, evaporation slows significantly. However, the moisture moves around the inside of the residence, leaving trace amounts of moisture wherever it goes. The moisture then allows molds to take over a home, infesting walls, ceilings, the insides of closets and cabinets where these pervasive microbes can gain a foothold.
Textiles, a favorite of fungi, can hold enough moisture to permit extensive growth. At SERVPRO, we can clean even the worst examples. If we can begin restoration services soon after the damage starts, we can gain better results for our customers. As our team works on cleanup and restoration of your home's structure, other members provide the care that many softer materials require. While some may nicely and adequately respond to our restoration efforts, others might not. In those instances, we always discuss the matter before the disposal of these items. When removing such items, we must make sure that we bag the items, so mold and spores remain confined.

Enduring a hurricane like Irma means can result in severe mold damage problems. If so, your home needs to receive professional restoration services focused on the exact state of the damages. Doing otherwise can result in increased damages in the future. Water damage cannot go away on its own, and it never gets better.

SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg is always ready to help winter residents by making sure they have full use of their winter homes again. Even severe hurricane damage can be mitigated and your residence restored from top to bottom, quickly and professionally. Call us at (727) 522-0000 as soon as you know your home or condo needs our restoration services.

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What FEMA Can Do For You!

9/2/2016 (Permalink)

Flooding In St Petersburg

(35) SERVPRO of Largo, NE St. Petersburg, Seminole & Central Gulf Beaches

What do you have to do to get assistance? Just ask for it. Here's how..

Although the government and it's workers are not always quick to respond, you can get the process started by visiting this link. You can also call the FEMA helpline at (800)621-3362. You will enjoy an automated voice service but be patient and you should have your questions answered.


What's next?

After you apply for disaster assistance, FEMA will mail you a copy of your application and a copy of a document entitled "Help After a Disaster." This is especially helpful if you don't have insurance coverage for the disaster event your family is facing. This happens more than you think.

Here is what FEMA says they will do for you, in part, according to the government website:

o If you do not have insurance: An inspector will contact you after you apply to schedule a time to meet with you at your damaged home.

o If you have insurance, you need to file your insurance claim and provide FEMA with a decision letter (settlement or denial) from your insurance company before FEMA issues an inspection.

o There is an exception for damages caused by flooding: if you have flood insurance, FEMA will issue an inspection before receiving a copy of your flood insurance decision letter to evaluate your eligibility for temporary living expenses since these are not covered by flood insurance.

o About 10 days after the inspection FEMA will decide if you qualify for assistance. If so, FEMA will send you a check by mail (or direct deposit) with an explanation of what the money covers (i.e. rent or home repair).

o If FEMA determines that you are ineligible for any reason, you will receive a letter and be given a chance to appeal.
Appeals must be in writing and mailed within 60 days of the determination. Read the letter carefully for the reason of ineligibility before filling your appeal.

But no matter what, when in need SERVPRO can take care of you. Give us a call today! (727) 522-0000