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Resources That Facilitate Water Cleanup in St. Petersburg Properties

5/28/2024 (Permalink)

SERPRO tech operating large equipment with the caption: CERTIFIED & TRAINED PROFESSIONALS When your St. Petersburg business is faced with water damage, call our experts 24/7. We have the expertise and equipment to handle any size disaster.

Convenient Water Damage Restoration for Businesses  

St. Petersburg is a fascinating city in Florida, founded in 1888. Nicknamed Sunshine City, it still claims a Guinness World Record. The most consecutive days of sunshine - 768. It's an artistic hub with facilities like the Salvador Dalí Museum, State Hermitage Museum, Morean Arts Center, and the St. Petersburg Sculpture Experience. Its historic neighborhoods include the Warehouse Arts District's colorful murals and Kenwood's charming bungalows. Its mild climate is perfect for outdoor activities and cultural festivals such as the St. Petersburg Jazz Festival and the Mainsail Arts Festival.  

Despite the sunshine, water threatens commercial establishments like Fairgrounds St. Pete because of the moisture degradation of materials. Timely water cleanup ensures St. Petersburg facilities can keep operating and limit moisture's long-term impact on materials within the premises. SERVPRO® provides wide-ranging resources  

Essential resources for cleanup 

  • Water extraction equipment 
  • Dehumidifiers and fans 
  • Trash bags and containers 
  • Cleaning supplies 

Since water is the source of the soiling and degradation, removing it from your property is the primary restoration step. You may need different resources like small extractors for confined areas or massive units for extra power. SERVPRO technicians are equipped with dry/wet vacs, portable extractors, and truck-mounted extractors, thus handling any water removal challenge your property may pose. After the standing water is gone, we can use dehumidifiers and air movers to manage the moisture remnants in structural materials and contents. 

Another troubling problem is degraded materials such as soggy drywall or cardboard boxes that hold items. Detaching them is necessary, but if not properly organized, they can clutter the space, complicating the cleanup process or creating hazards. Our SERVPRO crews bring large trash cans or plastic bags to help collect and organize the waste materials. With the clutter gone, other processes, such as applying cleaning products to remove soiling, are more accessible.  

Essential cleaning products  

  • Floor cleaners 
  • Disinfectants 
  • Glass cleaners 
  • Air fresheners and deodorizers 

SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg helps businesses tackle water cleanup exercises comprehensively. We are Here to Help® when you call us. (727) 522-0000.

Dynamics for Successful Commercial Water Damage Restoration in St. Petersburg

5/24/2023 (Permalink)

Moisture collected Under Paint on Ceiling Disaster may strike at any time. Call SERVPRO for the water damage restoration.

SERVPRO Provides Alternative Power When Restoring Water-Damaged Businesses in St. Petersburg

Many factors contribute to a successful commercial water damage restoration project. Even though your janitorial team may play a role in mitigating the damage, there are specific equipment, supplies, and miscellaneous tools that remediation experts use to do the job correctly and efficiently. Below, we are looking at some dynamics that make our team succeed in most of the projects we handle.

Suppose the water damage incident in your St. Petersburg business resulted from a leaking roof from a severe storm. In that case, electrical power in the property might have been interrupted. When our SERVPRO team responds to such issues, we provide emergency power generation solutions. We have the skills to calculate the site's power requirements and then select the most suitable generator for the job.

The generated power usually serves the following functions:

  • Ensuring your business' key operations continue running
  • Provide power to run our water damage remediation equipment
  • Provide sufficient lighting for the project – for both indoor and outdoor needs

Portable generators can be an option when our SERVPRO technicians offer an initial response during water damage cleanup. We use them to power air filtration, drying, extraction, and hand tools. Since they have a short run time of around 4-12 hours, they are a temporary solution.

When large power output quantities are needed longer to operate a wide range of equipment and perform various tasks, our SERVPRO technicians set up industrial generators. The units can run for up to 24 hours and have an onboard tank to store fuel. If the fuel gets depleted, we can arrange to have it refilled with a local fuel provider.

SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg is a certified water damage mitigation company providing reliable solutions to residential and commercial clients. Call (727) 522-0000 to have your questions answered and work with a team that makes it "Like it never even happened."

Controlled Floor Demolition for Water Damage Repair in St. Petersburg

12/28/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO commercial job Commercial water damage remediation is no easy task. SERVPRO provides fast and quality work 24/7, 365 days a year.

SERVPRO Offers St. Petersburg Properties Quality Water Restoration 

Water intrusion incidents can affect any section of your facility. However, the floor where all the water, debris, and other materials accumulate is significantly impacted. You might face two challenges when dealing with the floor – removing soiling and drying the accumulated moisture. Sometimes the only way to facilitate water damage repair is to do some demolition.

When done properly during water damage repair in St. Petersburg properties, demolition helps remove unsalvageable materials and accelerate drying. It requires the right skill sets and tools to ensure the process goes according to plan, helping facilitate restoration. SERVPRO can assist with regular or specialized demolition tasks.

Typical Activities during Floor Demolition

  • Carpet and pad removal
  • Baseboard removal
  • Wall ventilation
  • Post-demolition cleaning

Demolition usually removes contaminated porous materials such as moldy carpets. However, with the floor area, other factors might necessitate the process. Removing any floor covering is among the things you need to do. In most cases, that means removing the carpet and pad. If the water is clean, the carpet is salvageable, so extra care is essential to avoid damaging it during removal. Our SERVPRO technicians use carpet awls and knee kickers to detach it. We cut minimal carpet seams when removing the pad and avoid excessive folding, which can delaminate or stretch the carpet. Pad is rarely salvageable, but that does not mean haphazard removal. Our technicians use utility knives to cut it into 2-by-2 feet pieces for easier handling.

Addressing Wall Water Affecting the Floors

Water can accumulate within wall cavities if the breach point is elevated. No matter how well you dry the floor, such water keeps causing problems. Removing the baseboard and ventilating the wall cavities resolves the issue. First, our technicians determine whether the wall is insulated since it determines the level of ventilation needed. Then we use a pry bar to remove the vinyl baseboard. Drilling holes through the wall releases the water.

Precautions When Drilling Vent Holes

  • Drill only one side of the wall
  • Drill between the wall studs
  • Keep the hole below the baseboard line
  • Cleanup up the area after demolition

SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg handles all tasks professionally, including demolition during water damage repair. Call (727) 522-0000. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Don't Let Storms Waterlog Your St. Petersburg Church

7/25/2022 (Permalink)

bird's eye view of church steeple Storm water can damage churches. SERVPRO has the equipment, expertise and experience to quickly restore your church.

Water Removal Services for Your St. Petersburg Church

Recovering your St. Petersburg church after a disaster can prove problematic when those available to you lack the equipment or resources to help in the time frame where it is most beneficial. With water loss incidents happening within your church, construction materials and the contents of the various rooms are at risk for saturation and moisture effects which could cause irreparable damage. These time-sensitive situations are why our emergency response team exists.

When your St. Petersburg church requires water removal services, it often follows some water loss incident within the building. From plumbing breaks to sprinkler system failures, high volumes of water can spread quickly throughout your property and begin saturating into materials almost immediately. Our SERVPRO professionals are available 24/7 to help you mitigate this situation through fast extraction work and preserving the things most precious to you in the building.

One of the things that often initially gets overlooked is water damage spreading throughout the church in the pews and altar. These wooden constructions are particularly susceptible to saturation when exposed to pooling water, and this saturation can cause warping and bloating of the submerged portions. With extraction work happening quickly, this saturation has less opportunity to take hold, and its effects get negated through the following dehumidification and drying efforts.

The same could be said for the flooring, as many sanctuaries get covered with wall-to-wall carpeting. Pooling water can penetrate and collect in the fibers of this carpeting and seep into the padding and supports for the floor beneath it. Our weighted extraction equipment can force water out of the padding and carpet to get removed with a high-powered vacuum.

These might be specific examples of how water damage can get overcome in your church. Still, they can also display the level of care and appreciation that our SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg franchise has for our communities' churches and commercial properties. When disaster strikes, give our emergency response team a call 24/7 at (727) 522-0000.

St. Petersburg Commercial Property Fire Damage Preparation

6/29/2022 (Permalink)

Flame Close Up If you find yourself in need of assistance with fire damage remediation, call SERVPRO.

SERVPRO is Here 24/7 in St. Petersburg for Skilled Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage cleanup and restoration within St. Petersburg commercial properties involve much more than simple cleaning. This process is quite complicated, even more so when you add in production machinery, office equipment, commercial kitchen appliances, and anything else you have inside your business. Should you have a fire restoration plan ahead of time, it can help you determine the necessary steps to ensure your business gets running again as soon as possible. SERVPRO is here to help with our Emergency Ready Profile and prompt response once you call us to handle fire and smoke remediation. 

When you have a plan in place and ready to go should you have commercial fire damage in St. Petersburg, it can help save you time and money. The initial 48 hours post-fire will be the most crucial for recovery. Rather than getting wrapped up in the chaos of not knowing what to do, the plan helps you understand what needs to get done to ensure your business gets back on track.

Getting Started With Fire Restoration Planning

These are common steps we tell our commercial clients to expect during the fire restoration process:

  • Building safety assessment – Your structure being safe and stable for restoration will be the first order of business. Depending on the damage, many parties could be involved, including insurance providers, municipalities, fire departments, engineers, and environmental agencies.
  • Securing your commercial property – Fires attract attention, so you must ensure the property keeps looters and trespassers out. SERVPRO offers emergency board-up and tarping for this and protection from the elements.
  • Backup power – You may not realize that you could be out of power to your building after a fire. This may include the temporary loss of gas, electrical, and phone systems. SERVPRO offers a backup power source, so restoration and cleanup may go on without a hitch. 

When you need commercial fire damage assistance, SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg is here 24/7. Call us at (727) 522-0000, and we can send a crew as soon as possible.

Commercial Water Damage Repair in St. Petersburg Requires Expertise

5/25/2022 (Permalink)

office with open workspace, workstations at tables Water damage affects not only the building's structure but also workstation electronics.

SERVPRO Offers Commercial Water Damage Repair in St. Petersburg

Commercial properties usually have larger structures, more costly equipment, and more people than homes. Water damage in such buildings is typically more extensive than in residential buildings, given their complexity and size. 

It is vital to perform commercial water damage repair in your St. Petersburg property as soon as possible to prevent severe losses. Water can ruin valuable equipment like the electronics many businesses use for stock-keeping, payment, or managing employee hours.

More oversized items such as custom workstations can be hard to replace since they may be limited stock or special orders. SERVPRO can handle commercial water losses of any magnitude. We can also preserve the electronics, furnishings, or retail products required for commerce to continue. Our commercial water repair process may involve these steps:

  • Inspection
  • Water extraction
  • Removing ruined materials
  • Cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing
  • Drying 


Our SERVPRO technicians can use advanced technology to see the extent of water damage in the building. We can inform you about the hazards present and determine what is salvageable or unsalvageable. 

Water extraction 

We can use extraction equipment to remove as much water as possible from the building to minimize drying time and prevent damage to unexposed areas. 

Removing ruined materials

Our SERVPRO crew can remove the unsalvageable materials to give way for drying the salvageable ones. 

Cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing.

This involves eliminating contaminants that may lead to problems or costlier repair work. The cleaning and sanitization process may include dry cleaning, spray and wipe cleaning, and wet cleaning. We can also remove unpleasant odors.


The air that touches saturated materials has high humidity. Our SERVPRO team can use air movers to introduce airflow at the surface level and substitute the highly saturated air with drier air to improve evaporation. We can use dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air after evaporation. Dehumidifiers offer a continuous source of dry air to improve the restoration process. 

After water damage, getting back in business is a priority for commercial property owners. SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg is available around the clock to assist you in recovering your property. Call us at (727) 522-0000.

Water Removal Options from St. Petersburg Office Carpeting

4/26/2022 (Permalink)

Wet Carpet SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg understands how important your business is. Let us help you out.

Short Pile Carpets Can Suffer Water Damage in St. Petersburg Offices

Water damage incidents are more common in office buildings than management might realize. With how even a concentrated and isolated event can shut down production until the situation is resolved and cleaned, it is vital to have SERVPRO professionals mobilized and helping as soon as possible. We have three main focuses with water removal and drying of damaged office buildings, and these include:

  • Standing water
  • Saturation of flooring
  • Development of secondary threats

Non-Porous Subflooring

One of the primary obstacles with water removal in St. Petersburg office buildings is pooling water on the floors. Short pile carpeting is often supported by non-porous subflooring like finished concrete, preventing absorption and saturation beyond the surface carpet layer. With situations like burst pipes, standing water concerns could be substantial when no absorption beyond the carpet is possible.

Thin Carpet Material

Another concern of responding technicians is the thin material used as carpeting for the offices. The short pile is a very lightweight product, making it easy to adhere into place to complete this phase of construction. The thickness of the carpeting can benefit the restoration process, however, as this can more easily allow our technicians to administer extraction and drying approaches successfully.  

Tools of the Trade

Extraction is one of the most direct methods of limiting the present moisture trapped in short pile carpeting or pooling above this material. Standing water can be addressed with wet vacuums and submersible pumps. Trapped water in the carpet fibers can be removed with high-efficiency carpet wands.

Carpets are a popular flooring choice for office buildings in the region, making it something that our SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg water restoration team must prepare to experience when responding to emergencies. We mobilize with the appropriate tools for extraction, drying, and carpet cleaning. Give our rapid response team a call now at (727) 522-0000.

When Flooding Damages Warehouses in St. Petersburg

2/7/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Trucks Call SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg, “We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.”

Steps for Handling Commercial Flood Damage in a St. Petersburg Warehouse

In recent years, warehouse construction has taken off as companies try to claim their space close to high-populated areas. Regardless of the great need for space, every warehouse needs development while considering the area's unique requirements.

Some areas are prone to flooding, while other earthquakes and tornadoes. A disaster such as flooding can cause many kinds of commercial flood damage in your St. Petersburg warehouse, including:

Structural damage

Engineers construct many warehouses with aluminum doors and long walls that can buckle under the weight of floodwater. Not sealing concrete flooring correctly causes water to pool in access areas, leading to damage to HVAC systems. Floodwaters can ruin both metal and wooden structural components with rust or rot, affecting their structural integrity.

Ruined inventory

Water can destroy most items stored in your warehouse, particularly paper, electrical, and comestible inventory. You may have to discard many things because of safety and health reasons.

Affect business continuity

Flooding can also ruin daily business operations, and this can interrupt the supply chain. You may not fill orders or process sales until you have completed cleanup and repairs.

To prevent these and other repercussions of flood damage from worsening, you need to hire a restoration company that can restore your warehouse quickly. SERVPRO offers a quick response to flooding disasters of any magnitude and can get to your warehouse a short time after receiving your call.

Our team can assess the severity of the destruction. We can inspect for potential issues and fix them before they become significant problems. After a torrential downpour, you can realize that some parts of the roof of your warehouse are leaking. If that is the case, our SERVPRO team can inspect the roof and the inner ceiling to find the leaks and then perform the repairs.

If there is water on the floor, we can use portable or truck-mounted extractors to remove it. 

Truck-mounted extractors provide a more powerful vacuum compared to portable extractors. Their waste tanks can fill up quickly when we are removing water from your warehouse. Our SERVPRO team can use units equipped with automatic waste pumps on the waste tanks to remove the water so we can quickly move it to a sanitary sewer system.

We also use advanced drying techniques that can quickly dry the affected areas, including the spaces between the walls. We can use air moving and dehumidifying equipment to achieve this. Once we clean and dry the flooded areas, we can disinfect them using antimicrobial products.

When your warehouse has flooded, you can trust SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg to bring things back to normal. Call us any time at (727) 522-0000 for effective restoration services. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

In St. Petersburg, Professional Water Removal is Critical For Museum Damage Mitigation

11/11/2021 (Permalink)

a men's bathroom with urinals on the wall When water damage affects your commercial property, time is of the essence. Our certified technicians are standing by to take your emergency call.

Commercial Water Damage is Always Minimized by Calling SERVPRO

Our beautiful city is home to many museums, preserving the arts and history of our community. The buildings housing these treasures are as vulnerable as any to water incursion from failed plumbing, leaky roofs, and storm surges. SERVPRO has the expertise, trained technicians, and powerful equipment to remove the water swiftly before lasting damage occurs.

A malfunction in the automatic flushing system in patron restrooms floods exhibit floors, necessitating water removal in a St. Petersburg museum. Along with the threat to priceless artwork, the health and well-being of museum employees and visitors hang in the balance if cleanup does not complete quickly and to industry standards. We have the capability to remove large quantities of water fast, with enough workers and equipment to return the museum to preloss condition while limiting any disappointing or costly closures.

Because the water may contain infectious waste, it is crucial to engage a restoration company with restoration industry certifications and experience with the large-scale removal of contaminated water. SERVPRO meets these criteria. We are familiar with local laws and regulations concerning removing hazardous waste and the required sanitation protocols after the water is gone. Our equipment is truck-mounted and secures the tainted water for proper disposal.

We are a local company connected to a nationwide network of restoration companies. This permits us to leverage more trained restoration workers and equipment from neighboring SERVPRO franchises to complete an extensive cleanup quickly. Pumps and extractors take care of standing water while technicians move in to take moisture readings and establish drying goals once the areas affected are sanitized. Air movers and dehumidifiers correctly positioned begin the task of drying flooring, walls, and trim.

Water Damage Equipment

Drying Mats ensure water is removed to the subfloor as well. Our technicians determine if other strategies, such as removing some tile or hardwood flooring sections, are necessary to dry thoroughly every layer. Pinpoint holes drilled in the wooden floor allow moisture to evaporate if the finish prevents it. Once the moisture levels drop below-designated levels, we complete the final restoration touches, reinstalling tiles and refinishing wooden trim and flooring.

Transforming a museum awash in water is a task SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg awaits with confidence. Call (727) 522-0000, and we deliver the team and equipment needed to restore museum exhibits and spaces to their glory.

Who Can Restore St. Petersburg Rental Condos After Water Intrusion?

9/18/2021 (Permalink)

water damage ceiling tiles and insulation Water damage restoration for your place of business is not a hard decision. SERVPRO specializes in all phases of water damage restoration.

SERVPRO Offers Commercial Water Damage Restoration to St. Petersburg Summer Condo Owners

How does water intrusion occur?

As the owner of a summer rental service in St. Petersburg, there are several ways that water intrusion can occur in your rental properties. Some of these may be the result of guests failing to shut off water or leaving faucets running. In other situations, a severe weather event or failure of an air-conditioning unit (HVAC) can lead to unchecked water intrusion. SERVPRO operates locally so we can quickly arrive at your summer rental condos and prevent water intrusion from causing permanent harm or spreading to other properties. Our technicians can remove moisture from the property using portable water extractors before conducting a professional inspection of the damaged areas. 

Do I Need To Be At The Property During Restoration?

We appreciate that business owners have different requirements when dealing with Water Damage in St. Petersburg. So long as we can access the building, we can perform effective water mitigation and restoration. We record any inspection, drying equipment usage, and outcomes within a digital dry book. This is usually recorded in real-time when working with commercial business owners. As such, you can remain in contact with the drying process every step of the way. Our commercial crew chiefs can conduct a walkthrough with you at the end of service to point out any areas of damage, and pass on the paperwork to your insurer on your behalf to complete a stress-free claim. 

What Do Commercial Water Restoration Services Offer Businesses?

  • Water restoration technicians (WRT) qualified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certifications body
  • Twenty-four-hour emergency operator
  • Call-out times within four hours of notification of damage

Water intrusion can affect your revenues and your reputation as a business. Contact SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000.

Resuming Full Operations After Flood Damage in a St. Petersburg Processed Food Factory

8/12/2021 (Permalink)

"Here to help" You might not be able to avoid water incidents, but SERVPRO is here to help if they occur.

St. Petersburg Businesses Benefit from SERVPRO's Swift Service after Flooding

Any business is at risk of sustaining damages, with some being foreseeable and therefore preventable, even if only partially, and other damages being completely unexpected. Some, such as broken water lines or other mishaps involving appliances and equipment that rely on water use, can only be partially prevented by proper maintenance. Sometimes, water lines leak, burst open, or fall apart even when they have been maintained fastidiously. 

The production of food items must adhere to strict rules, and flood damage in St. Petersburg can interfere with this adherence to the rules, making the final products unusable. SERVPRO understands that you have not only deadlines to meet but also outside regulations to follow. Without the ability to fulfill both, your company, employees, and even those on the supply end can all suffer. 

Water Removal Services

With water damage, unlike other types of damage, water can get into areas where it can remain hidden, making it difficult to extract. This is why after we are finished with our pump trucks and handheld units, we then implement the use of smaller units that can extract moisture from highly porous materials, including wood flooring and insulation. 

Whenever foodstuffs are involved in flooding incidents, even if the water is considered clean at its origin, wet items must be disposed of responsibly. This includes food in cans, as well as those that are in less-durable packages and dry goods. Because this kind of damage can be quite costly, we are ready to help you with inventory sheets that you can present to your insurance carrier. Doing so can speed up the claims process significantly. 

SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg is an experienced restoration company. We have aided many customers over the years in recovering their businesses after flood damage, and other catastrophes have caused significant losses and created interference of normal operations. When you have damages that do the same to you, call us at (727) 522-0000, at any hour of the day, any day of the week. We have the experience necessary to make it "Like it never even happened."

Efficient Commercial Mold Remediation is Handled by Pros in St. Petersburg

6/23/2021 (Permalink)

Mold SERVPRO will get to the root of your mold problem and work to eliminate and prevent further growth. Call us today for assistance.

When Your St. Petersburg Commercial Space Needs Mold Remediation, Hire SERVPRO for the Job

If you suspect mold growth at the beginning of colonization within your St. Petersburg office building, it can be alarming. No matter what, you must address it completely and safely, which is why it is better to contact trained mold specialists for the task. SERVPRO wants you to know that failure to implement best practices for mold removal could generate harmful conditions, such as:

  • Harsh, musty odors
  • Moist conditions that persist
  • The spread of mold organisms
  • Deterioration of building and structural materials
  • Potential health effects

When you contact SERVPRO to help with mold remediation in your St. Petersburg commercial location, we take a multi-faceted approach. There could also be some level of controlled demolition and material replacement as part of our black mold damage repairs when it comes to mold removal. 

Note: A common misconception is that mold remediation services completely eradicate mold from your premises. Spores are microscopic, and they are everywhere within the natural world. While it might be impossible for total removal, SERVPRO works diligently to handle any existing spores and discourage new growth.

Devices We Often Use for Mold Remediation

Our skilled technicians have access to a vast selection of tools and products, including:

  • Infrared imaging
  • Non-penetrating and penetrating moisture meters
  • Moisture sensors
  • Thermo-hygrometers
  • EPA-registered antimicrobials and disinfectant cleaning agents
  • Dehumidifiers and air movers

With our detailed monitoring, we can tackle mold growth wherever it hides. We consistently adjust our methods to achieve our remediation goals as quickly as possible so that your office building sees less downtime. Call SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000 when you want a team onsite and ready to get started with mold remediation. 

Causes of Commercial Flood Damage in St. Petersburg

5/27/2021 (Permalink)

palm trees blowing in heavy rain, storm It always seems like it is storm season in Florida. SERVPRO is always on call to dry and restore your business.

Several Issues Often Lead to Flood Damage in St. Petersburg

As you can imagine, given its location, St. Petersburg businesses often suffer flood damage due to several common issues that routinely affect this part of Florida.

SERVPRO, through its decades of experience, has successfully dealt with commercial flood damage in St. Petersburg arising from just about every situation imaginable. These situations have involved everything from catastrophic cyclonic storms and the torrential subtropical rains of the region’s rainy season to city drainage system issues. Specifically, some of these problems have been:

  • Hurricanes passing over the area and quickly deluging it with inches of rain
  • Heavier than usual rains during Florida’s rainy period between May and the end of October
  • Powerful storm surges that push excessive amounts of water into Tampa Bay
  • Clogged, damaged, or otherwise overwhelmed gutters, canals, and other drainage networks

What SERVPRO Does to Remediate the Effects of Flooding

As one of the best biohazard remediation and flood restoration companies in St. Petersburg, we can do several things to clean up and restore flood-damaged businesses. These services include:

Regardless of the damage flooding does to your restaurant, retail store, hotel, or other commercial facilities, SERVPRO is likely able to remediate it effectively.

With all that said, if you ever need help cleaning up and restoring your business’ flood damage, call SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000.

What if Your St. Petersburg Commercial Building Requires Mold Removal?

4/13/2021 (Permalink)

heavy mold growth on walls and ceiling Mold is off-putting to customers. SERVPRO knows how to remove the mold and keep your business open!

Petersburg Businesses can Trust SERVPRO for Mold Inspections, Remediation, and Removal

Mold removal does not have to be complicated, but it must get addressed with caution. Rather than risking the potential health effects with DIY methods or missing patches of mold spores, SERVPRO is available to help with all the mold remediation your St. Petersburg business requires.

Homeowners may often see small patches of attic basement mold, but what does a business owner do for commercial mold removal in St. Petersburg? SERVPRO makes safety a priority to ensure our team and your employees are safe at all times.

Mold inspection followed by mold remediation means containment. We will set up a plan of action that includes containment, which may look like:

  • Plastic sheeting that gets put up as containment barriers
  • Sealing off the vents of your HVAC system to limit duct system contamination
  • Initiating negative air pressure within the contamination zone
  • Putting together decontamination rooms, aka clean rooms, for smooth when entering and leaving – including decontaminating all materials and equipment

Mold remediation is nothing to take lightly, so call us at SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg when you need commercial mold removal assistance. Contact us 24 hours a day at (727) 522-0000.

Quick Assistance When Water Damage Affects St. Petersburg Businesses

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

Ariel view of St. Petersburg No matter the size of your business, SERVPRO can handle all of your water damage needs..

SERVPRO Restorers Respond Fast to Perform Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Affected St. Petersburg Properties

The city of St. Petersburg is situated in Pinellas County, in Florida, United States. In 2020, it was estimated that the city had a population of 271,842, ranking it as the fifth most heavily populated city in Florida. It is also the second largest in the Tampa Bay Area, with Tampa being the largest. Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater together create the second largest Metropolitan Statistical Area in Florida. It has an estimated population of 2.8 million. The city is located between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay in the Pinellas peninsula. Mainland Florida connects with the town to the north.

John Constantine Williams founded the city in 1888. Williams bought the land, and then Peter Demens brought railroads into the area. Williams and Demens held a coin toss to name the community. Demens named the land Saint Petersburg, Russia, after winning the bet. Sr. Williams also titled the first hotel, calling it Detroit Hotel. On February 29, 1892, the city was incorporated as a town, and on June 6, 1903, it was re-incorporated as a city.       

The Home of Arts

In 2011, the American Style magazine categorized the city as its top mid-size city, naming it as a vibrant arts scene. St. Petersburg is home to various arts, making it one of the best street art cities worldwide. The town is among the top three places to visit in Florida.

According to CNN, around 15 percent of the population is above 65 years, making it the seventh-best place to retire.

The city's historic destinations and iconic beaches make it a perfect getaway. Recently, the International Cities of Peace granted St Petersburg the honor of joining 290 other cities in the U.S as an International City of Peace. It was the second city in Florida to have the title.

Tourism in St. Petersburg

The city is home to a children's museum, the Great Explorations, which includes a program center and a pre-school. The city also hosts the Dr. Carter G. Woodson museum. The African American Museum highlights Carter G. Woodson's life. Some of Woodson's accomplishments include founding the Associated Publishers and writing close to 30 books.

How do SERVPRO Technicians Perform Commercial Water Damage in St. Petersburg?

If your commercial property has incurred water damage from a burst pipe or leaky roof, it is essential to handle the problem immediately. That is why SERVPRO restorers are available 24-hours every day.

Immediately we receive your call, our team of technicians can respond within the shortest time possible.

Even small amounts of water can result in long-term problems like mold growth and odors. If the damage goes unnoticed for an extended period, wooden structures may swell and warp, leading to costly repairs. We can dry and dehumidify your property using state of the art equipment to bring things back to normal.

Water damage can cause severe damage to your business within a short period. Contact SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000 for a reliable restoration to make it "Like it never even happened."    

Keeping St. Petersburg Businesses Clean and Safe After Disaster

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

Photo of a lily pond with water fall. Is your business suffering from water damage? Call the pros in SERVPRO for the water restoration that is needed to keep you in action.

SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg Ensures That St. Petersburg Businesses Look and Feel “Like it never even happened.”

St. Petersburg is among the sunniest cities in the Sunshine State in a very literal sense. This locale holds the record for most consecutive days of sunshine at a whopping 768 days. The warm climate and sandy shores have long since established St. Petersburg as a favored vacation spot. St. Pete’s motto is, “Always in Season.”

This tranquil coastal city was founded in the late 1880s to establish a railroad in the area. The name was decided by a coin flip between founders Peter Demens and John C. Williams, with Demens choosing his Russian hometown as the city’s namesake. Williams was permitted to name the first hotel after a town of his choice, which would end up being the Detroit Hotel.

Famous folks from St. Pete among a multitude of prominent people include:

  • Mid-20th century beat author Jack Kerouac
  • Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales
  • Major League Baseball pitchers Jeff D’Amico, Jack Hardy, Doug Waechter, Roy Smith, and Nick Masset, among many others
  • Congressman and former governor of Florida Charlie Crist
  • Tuskeegee Airmen member and jazz musician Al Downing
  1. Petersburg’s Historic Detroit Hotel

John C. Williams named the first hotel in St. Petersburg The Detroit Hotel, a nod to his hometown. However, the land belonged to Demens in exchange for his providing a railway through St. Petersburg instead of routing it directly to Gulfport. Today, the train station St. Pete was founded upon is occupied by the One Progress Plaza, a towering downtown business center on Central Avenue.

The Detroit Hotel originally had 40 rooms to spare, which was more than the number of people living on the land of St. Pete’s early history. Since those early days, however, St. Petersburg has grown into one of Florida’s largest cities, with over 265,000 living in it as of 2018.

To this day, more and more discoveries are being made about this unique historic building. In September 2020, the Tampa Bay Times reported that a construction team performing demolition for the Segreti Hospitality Group found an intact 115-year-old electric elevator inside the hotel while preparing for renovations. However, what makes the elevator an especially intriguing find is the rarity of electricity even at its construction time. St. Petersburg did not have electrical power until 1897 at the earliest.

Steampunk-themed brewpub Club 201 on Central Avenue has since taken in the find, among others, to preserve pieces of St. Pete’s early history. During this excavation, other findings included a staircase, hand-painted wallpaper, a fireplace, and a wooden switchboard.

The Sunken Gardens of St. Petersburg

The Sunken Gardens on 4th Street North is an idyllic getaway from urban sprawl packed with century-old plants and some of the oldest tropical flora cultivated in the Tampa Bay area. Over 50,000 tropical flowers and plants thrive in this roadside sanctuary. Cultivation in captivity over an extended period has created plants that are much larger than usual. These gardens were first established in 1903, the same year St. Pete was re-incorporated and is among the oldest operational tourist attractions in western Florida.

Plant and animal species found in the Sunken Gardens include:

  • Florida royal palms (Roystonea regia)
  • Water lilies (Nymphaea odorata)
  • Bougainvilleas (Bougainvillea spectabilis Willd.)
  • Mexican shrimp plants (Justicia brandegeeana)

Because of the age and care that has gone into the gardens, a diverse array of themes can be found within this botanical sanctuary. There are specific areas for cacti, butterflies, and even a Japanese-themed garden. The Sunken Gardens also host a broad array of events and programs for visitors, including gardening workshops, nature photography lessons, and rain garden planning.

The Sunken Gardens are especially noteworthy for its flamingos, including a young flock of 20 purchased from the San Antonio Zoo in 2016. This effort was accomplished with fundraising from a nonprofit formerly known as Flamingos Forever. This organization has since changed its name to Sunken Gardens Forever, and Mayor Rick Kriseman dedicated May as a month of appreciation for their efforts in preserving and revitalizing the gardens.

How Does SERVPRO Odor Control Protect St. Petersburg Businesses?

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) accredited professionals at SERVPRO have extensive experience and training that places this firm among the top water restoration companies for St. Petersburg businesses. Commercial cleanup requires a strict adherence to local codes and regulations that maintains optimal safety and comfort levels for both employees and customers.

Odor control technicians (OCTs) implement a broad swathe of techniques to address odor-causing particles and microbes on different surfaces, which can include, but are not limited to:

  • Injection systems, which are ideal for controlling water damage odors embedded in carpeting and upholstery
  • Ultra-low volume foggers address widespread water odors in a disaster-affected space through the use of water- or solvent-based deodorizers
  • Odor counteractant beads, time-release pellets, and granules all work to eliminate unpleasant odors from carpet, HVAC intakes, and porous surfaces
  • EPA-registered biocides eliminate odor-causing bacteria and mold to create a sanitary space compliant with local and state business regulations
  • Hydroxyl generators eliminate odors from contents without the use of solvents of masking agents

With everything from commercial-grade spray cleaners to HEPA-filter air scrubbers at their disposal, SERVPRO teams can thoroughly mitigate odor-causing substances in a commercial facility at the particle level in tandem with moisture extraction and structural and contents drying. SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg also offers building and repair services that include tile flooring repair, roof repair and tarping, plumbing, electrical, and general contracting services.

SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg serves businesses with We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster mitigation and restoration. Call (727) 522-0000 to return your business to a preloss state.

What are Some Common Myths about Mold Remediation in Your St. Petersburg Business?

10/31/2020 (Permalink)

mold growth on stained plaster wall close-up A mold infestation can quickly spread and escalate. Contact SERVPRO for effective mold damage remediation efforts.

St. Petersburg Entrepreneurs only Want the Facts about Mold Remediation

St. Petersburg downtown is rated as one of the best downtown areas in the state. Museums, art galleries and music venues share the space with modern office buildings and high-rises. It is a great place to run a business. Unfortunately, given the humidity of Florida, any business in the area needs to be vigilant about fungal growth.

If you need mold remediation in your St. Petersburg business, it is important to know the facts about remediation. There are a lot of rumours and a great deal of conflicting information out there. Following such false information could lead to a less than satisfactory remediation project. What are some myths to be aware of when choosing a fungus remediation company?

Is it true that you should worry about black mold?

People online like to fear-monger about black mold. However, although mold can cause health effects, it is not necessary to panic. SERVPRO’s St. Petersburg mold remediation process works equally well for all kinds of mold, so the best thing you can do is call us as soon as you see mold in your business premises – no matter what the color.

Is it true that if you cannot see mold there is nothing to worry about?

Unfortunately many local business people believe this myth. Mold can grow in hidden places such as:

  • Inside walls or behind wallpaper
  • Under sinks or behind toilets
  • Inside or under carpets
  • Behind baseboards or appliances
  • In storage areas, crawl spaces, attics and basements

Even if you cannot see patches of mold, you can look out for signs such as:

  • Damp patches on the walls or ceilings
  • Leaks, drips, and small puddles of water anywhere on your premises
  • A moldy smell that you cannot trace the source of

If you notice any of these issues, call us straight away. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, and the sooner we act, the less chance the mold has of spreading. We can use a range of testing and imaging equipment to seek out hidden fungal patches, and tackle them.

Is it true that a little bit of fungus is not a problem?

The patches of mold you can see are comprised of tiny tube-like cells called hyphae. Mold spores can break off from these patches and drift throughout your business, looking for a new place to set up camp. The tiniest patch of mold can produce spores, and because the spores are microscopic, it is difficult to stop them.

It is a good idea to call SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg no matter the size of mold patch. We can help stop the spread of spores by using:

  • HEPA filter vacuums to vacuum up loose mold
  • Containment to create a physical barrier
  • Air scrubbers and negative air machines to trap mold spores and prevent them from spreading

We boost containment by using personal protective equipment, staging areas, and decontamination areas, to ensure our team does not cross-contaminate the rest of your office.

Is it true that you need to know the species of mold?

In most cases we do not need to know the exact species of mold. However, in rare cases where the spread of mold is extensive, it might become necessary. If that is the case for your business, SERVPRO will call in a professional mold inspection team, and liaise with them on your behalf.

Is it true that you can tackle a small patch of mold yourself?

This is a very common myth about fungus. Many business people think that if it is only a small patch, they can tackle it, or ask their cleaning team to do so. However, SERVPRO does not recommend that you try. As we have seen, even a small patch of mold can lead to greater damage. If you tackle it without proper care and containment it could spread. Not to mention that you most likely do not have professional grade gloves, suits, and respirators on hand.

Please do not spray commercial cleaners or bleach on a patch of mold. The moisture in these products can soak into the surface and make the conditions even better for mold growth, thus worsening the problem.

Is it true that once the mold is gone it will not come back?

Because mold spores are so small, and can be found everywhere in nature, it is impossible to guarantee that mold will not return. Mold remediation can go a long way to removing the current mold growth, and discouraging regrowth, however. 

The key factor in any mold situation is moisture. Without moisture, the spores cannot propagate. That is why we focus on drying your business premises and lowering the humidity. Tackling the moisture issue is the only way to reduce the risk of mold coming back.

For mold remediation you can trust, call SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000.

Is There an Alternative to Merely Hoping Flooding Will Not Damage My St. Petersburg Retail Space During the Hurricane Season?

8/30/2020 (Permalink)

shopping cart view in supermarket aisle with product shelves abstract blur defocused background If your store is suffering from storm damage, you are losing business. Call our experienced team to mitigate the situation.

Nothing Is Certain for St. Petersburg Businesses During the Hurricane and Tropical Storm Season Except that SERVPRO Is Ready to Assess and Respond for Fast Flood Damage Recovery -- and to Offer Our Proactive Emergency READY Profile and Plan (ERP)

There is little evidence that the summer and fall hurricane season will become less extreme in St. Petersburg as each year passes. Because fierce winds, torrential rains, and storm surge are always just over the horizon for your beachside retail space, it makes sense to anticipate the damage and adapt to minimize the harm to your commercial building, your inventory, and the continuation of your business.

What Are the Advantages of Crafting an Emergency READY Profile and Plan (ERP)?

If you have operated a business over some number of years in St. Petersburg, flood damage likely preys on your mind as the severe storm season approaches. You no doubt have instituted some procedures intended to limit the harm, but you are an expert in your own industry, not disaster preparedness professional. When you reach out to our experienced project managers to assess your commercial space, the professional restorer's years of anticipating and responding to storm-related flooding come into play. We can help you fine-tune your flood watch toolkit, and we adapt generic suggestions for flood preparation to your unique circumstances.

How Do We Begin the Work Needed to Develop the ERP?

Business owners give the SERVPRO office a call to schedule an assessment by a project manager well-versed in damage response in St. Petersburg. Since our region can expect intense storms, including hurricanes, regularly, our trained and certified managers are incredibly familiar with storm flooding and the damage it can visit on commercial buildings. Still, we know your property layout and business operations are unlike others, encompassing a range of circumstances our team needs to view and evaluate to craft a plan. Things we consider include:

  • Location of utility lines and shutoffs
  • A review of the types of building materials and fixtures inside your space
  • Reports of previous flood damage and a tour of the areas affected
  • Setup of the equipment used in your operations, including any current adaptations you have implemented to minimize damage in case of flooding
  • Inspection of storage areas for materials and inventory, sales floors, shared spaces, offices, break areas, locker rooms, restrooms, and more -- sketching out a blueprint of your site, or using one provided by you, with our annotations
  • Your description of your endeavor's mission, production schedule, operating procedures, hours of operation, number of employees, interface with customers or clients, and any ideas you have on how the business could continue while flood damage restoration proceeds

Following the Assessment, What Comes  Next for Me and for You?

  • First, we encourage you to use our mobile app to add details to the ERP. You know better than we ever can how your company evolved, and you also have options among which to choose to make it clear that you have chosen your flood damage recovery partner. The app allows you to:
    • Designate our firm as your preferred flood restorer
    • Select and choose agents from your employees, family, or other individuals to act on your behalf if you are temporarily unavailable
    • List the contact information for contractors and vendors that provided, built, or installed your equipment so we can consult if needed
    • Add any data or information helpful to the ultimate restoration of your commercial building
  • Second, we make recommendations for adaptations or changes within your business spaces to minimize the effects of any flood damage. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Moving supplies, documents, and inventory above potential flood lines
    • Raising equipment on sturdy supports to prevent flood waters from damaging expensive to repair and replace items
    • Suggesting repairs and maintenance inside and out to enhance resistance to flood waters
  • Third, we share our complete draft of the concise, digital ERP. The ERP is a dynamic, changeable agenda, and we invite your comments and suggestions to evolve our potential response into a better fit for your scenario.

Team up with the highly-qualified management and technicians at SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg during the aftermath of flood damage to your commercial building due to severe storms. We also urge our business customers to contact us ahead of the extreme weather season at (727) 522-0000 to explore creating an Emergency READY Profile and Plan (ERP) to prepare for and conquer flooding challenges.

How Can My St. Petersburg Office Building Get Dried Efficiently?

7/30/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment and technicians After your business suffers water damage, you need a team of professionals to assist with cleanup. Call SERVPRO right away! We are always available.

The equipment used for drying and extraction is only part of the water mitigation process; the rest relies on the education and experience of our SERVPRO professionals responding. 

Water loss incidents can be a destructive force in your St. Petersburg office building, especially when sensitive materials, documents, furniture, and other areas fall victim. Mitigation is an effort to reduce the overall loss that your business experiences when water loss incidents occur. These services must get started as soon as possible, especially when standing water or other surface concerns exist. We have multiple tools that can help manage these conditions to safely and thoroughly remove water and dry the structure.

Water mitigation in St. Petersburg structures like yours requires several actions happening simultaneously. Because most of our technicians on our roster have certifications and water restoration and commercial drying, we have the available personnel when you need it to handle even substantial loss incidents. Much of our success and efficiency in this area rely on our assortment of powerful extraction and drying equipment arriving with our technicians when we reach the scene.

Where Are the Damaged Areas? 

Understanding the origin and cause of the loss incident can help save time when our technicians arrive. Because we have in-house contractors that can help perform repairs and controlled demolition, knowing how water loss began can focus these professionals in the right area. Often you can trace the migration and movement of water throughout the structure from the origin point based on the severity of these conditions in different locations of your building. When our professionals arrive to help, you might have more information about the cause of the disaster so that we could take immediate action, such as shutting off water service to the building to do emergency repairs on the plumbing network.

How Bad is the Damage? 

It is critical to understand the severity of the situation from the onset of water damage through prolonged exposure. During what is known as a job scoping phase, we can identify moisture pockets and dampness in wall systems and other exposed materials using sophisticated equipment in our inventory. And specific technologies get used to quickly identify these problem areas to direct our attention to potential problems before they get out of control. Lingering moisture and dampness can lead to microbial threats and the deterioration of exposed materials. Identifying where these moisture pockets exist often falls to several devices and tools such as:  

How Can Standing Water Get Efficiently Removed? 

Water removal is a needed service with more significant loss incidents, and migrating effects can get absorbed by carpeting, furniture, and other sensitive materials in the area. Numerous tools can be instrumental in extraction and water removal, but few can work as well for your office space as:

  • Light Wands – These attachments for extractors are also known as carpet wands. These are ideal for surface water removal and for clearing out trapped moisture in glue-down carpets common to commercial office spaces.
  • Pumps – For more substantial loss incidents that feature deeper standing water, pumps might be the best approach. These units vary in capabilities both in lift and volume.For clean water incidents, we typically stick with the smaller electric submersible pumps in our inventory. 
  • Vacuums – When water depths drop below two inches, vacuums can be a suitable next step. These do not rely on holding a prime to operate, making them ideal for shallower depths of standing water.

What Factors Can Slow Drying in Your Office Building? 

Drying is an intricate science that involves multiple factors working simultaneously to reach the same goals. When one of these factors becomes askew by environmental conditions or other situations, it could indicate a longer or costlier restoration of your office space without corrective actions. Our SERVPRO team understands the balance of these drying elements to consistently provide the fastest route to return your business to preloss condition. 

  • Changing Drying Areas – The modification of drying zones by property owners or even customers can impact the effectiveness of tools and equipment in use.
  • Temperature – Warmer temperatures often accelerate evaporation, but overly hot conditions can damage surfaces and affected materials. 
  • Airflow – The air movement throughout the drying zone can often help make drying more efficient and reduce the possibility of mold growth. 

Multiple factors play a role in restoring your office building after a water loss incident. From efficient drying and extraction to balancing numerous factors for practical restoration, you can count on our SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg team to help. Give us a call anytime at (727) 522-0000.

What Steps are Necessary for Successful Commercial Water Cleanup in St. Petersburg Food Stores?

4/13/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Team and equipment We understand the need for rapid response and restoration to minimize the loss of your business property. Call us right away we are available 24/7.

SERVPRO Knows all the Steps and has the Experienced Technicians to Help You

Water intrusion in your food store, whether caused by a leak in the plumbing lines or other sources, requires immediate action to avoid a crisis. Although you can handle some cases of commercial water cleanup, involving professional restorers helps because they handle each step restoration procedure properly.

Every water loss is unique, so establishing the level of work involved before starting commercial water cleanup in St. Petersburg food store is essential. Such evaluation helps establish the kind of workforce, equipment, and other resources necessary to complete the job. Our SERVPRO technicians check several factors, including:

  • The size of the affected area
  • The time elapsed since the spill started
  • Whether it is a clean water loss or otherwise
  • The percentage of affected contents

Clean up can take time and also require opening up of various access points to the premises.  Such actions can create an opportunity for vandals to access undamaged stock. Vandals can be human or small animals so they can damage the stock on site or steal it. Our SERVPRO technicians take action to secure the stock to prevent this problem. We can move the stock to a secure section within the property unaffected by the water spill. We can also use storage ponds to hold items temporarily.  

Water loss situations in businesses dealing with food can lead to health concerns since high moisture levels can accelerate decomposition. Some of the spilled water might also contaminate the food. Our SERVPRO crews help by separating damaged and questionable items and cleaning up affected areas thoroughly. You can be confident that your premises can pass scrutiny from a health inspector once the cleanup process is over.

The cleanup process can include risky aspects such as exposure to hazardous materials such as asbestos or ailments such as tetanus due to cuts or pricks. Our crews take precautions when doing the cleanup, including using personal protective equipment such as heavy-duty gloves and rubber boots, allowing us to tackle any risky tasks on your behalf.

Following the right clean up processes is crucial to ensure proper management of water loss incidents. Call SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000 to help. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Commercial Flood Damage St. Petersburg – Delaminated Carpeting

1/30/2020 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO vehicle parked in front of a business. The flooding in your building plays a huge role, let us help you get back to normal after your St. Petersburg business flood.

Your St. Petersburg business flooring is very important. Let SERVPRO help you save it.

Commercial carpeting in stores and business offices must withstand a great deal of foot traffic along with regular vacuuming and cleaning activities. A flooded commercial building may cause the owner to replace the carpet and underpad instead of drying the carpet in place.

SERVPRO can help owners with these decisions after a commercial flood damage event in our operating territory of St. Petersburg. Water and moisture must still be removed, and the humidity levels within the building reduced to normal levels. Any contents affected by the flood must still be cleaned and dried as well.

Carpet Delamination

The backing of a carpet consists of a primary and secondary backing. The layers are held together by a latex material. Over time, the backing can separate due to deterioration of the latex, causing the two layers to separate. A combination of traffic, sunlight, and in the case of a flood, water can accelerate the separation. Replacing the carpet is required once the layers separate.

Padding Replacement

In most commercial buildings, there is an underpad installed under the carpet, although in some cases, the carpet may be laid directly on the subfloor. Depending on the quality of the underpad, it may tear or disintegrate upon the removal of the carpet. It may also disintegrate when wet. Either way, it must be replaced, and the replacement is often less than the cost of drying.

Once the removal of the carpet and the underpad are complete, normal drying operations can take place to prepare the subfloor and walls for the installation of new underpad and carpet. We install dehumidifiers and air movers to thoroughly dry the area and reduce the humidity to normal levels.

SERVPRO can assist by assessing the condition of the existing flooring and provide estimates to dry the carpet and underpad. The owner can then make an informed decision regarding a replacement.

Call SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Shore Acres, Coffeepot Bayou, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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When Water Damage Checks into Your St. Petersburg Hotel

10/28/2019 (Permalink)

Man, woman and clerk at front desk of motel Water damage in your hotel? It's no problem for SERVPRO! Call us today!

Mitigating Your Small Hotel's Commercial Water Damage in St. Petersburg 

During hurricane season, many businesses in St. Petersburg stay vigilant against oncoming storms with pre-cut boards ready to go and supplies of drinking water and easily prepared meals. Keeping these supplies ready help protect any employees stranded from hunger or thirst. With such supplies, many employees opt to remain at work instead of going home or to a shelter.  

However, hurricanes are not the only way your hotel in St. Petersburg might sustain commercial water damage. Guests can also cause damage, and emergencies like a broken faucet or loosened drain pipe that never get reported can seriously destroy a room's interior. Water can seep into materials and damage adjoining rooms, both to the side, behind, and below.  

To mitigate such types of situations, SERVPRO works quickly after a call to our service line. We want to start as soon as possible so we can put a stop to water spreading. Our building department staff gets to work right away on fixing any plumbing leaks. If the damage stems from something a guest did, but additional water is not creating increased damage, we can begin immediately with the drying stage.   

Floors and walls need help from our air movers and Injectidry system. We use these in specific ways to achieve the best drying time possible. When floors have a wooden underlay, we often float any carpeting so both can dry out at the same time. Tiled areas might require us to remove the tiles to reach the subflooring. Before doing this more invasive procedure, we check to ensure that the subfloor's moisture content warrants this. Many situations involving tile allow us to use the same method used to dry out wood floors without first removing any of the tiles.   

When guests do alert you of potential problems, acting fast on your part can save significant portions of your hotel and decrease the cost involved in restoring damaged areas. We are always nearby, even when it is not hurricane season, to help mitigate water damage from your hotel. Water from any source can leave your property at risk of mold and pest infestations. Water also causes deterioration to exposed wiring and other components hidden in walls, and odors, and stained walls and ceilings.   

SERVPRO can repair all of these situations through appropriate methods that mitigate the problem. Still, we recommend calling as soon as possible to minimize the damage and keep things under control. We partner with you from the first time you call, and throughout the entire process. 

SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg handles mitigation, restoration, and rebuilding of businesses in and near Shore Acres, Meadowlawn, and Snell Isle. Call us at (727) 522-0000 for the highly trained restoration professionals needed to handle any degree of water damage your business experiences. 

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How SERVPRO Remediates Commercial Flood Damage in St. Petersburg

8/29/2019 (Permalink)

Man driving forklift in warehouse. Don’t let water damage your warehouse inventory. SERVPRO has the know-how to quickly remediate the situation.

Limiting Loss with Commercial Flood Damage in St. Petersburg Warehouse 

No type of water damage is more concerning than when it involves a business storage area, especially where there are a significant number of stock items not yet sold. If they are a water loss, even with reimbursement through insurance, the financial hit for replacement of these items is detrimental to the bottom line of the business. 

When the remnants of a tropical storm delivered heavy rains to the St. Petersburg area commercial flood damage struck a local furniture warehouse, and fast action was crucial. Our technicians arrived within an hour of the call and immediately began moving out the boxes of furniture to our climate-controlled facility for secure storage. This is important because: 

  • Excessive moisture warps and swells hardwood.
  • Particle and composite wood furnishings generally do not fare well when they undergo prolonged exposure to water.
  • Porous objects absorb moisture and may emit musty odors unless treated. 

Boxes located at the warehouse entrance where the floodwater came in were saturated, and the soggy cardboard required disposal. Fortunately, we found the plastic-wrapped furnishings inside were in good condition for restoration services. 

SERVPRO technicians know dealing with the temporary closure of your business, repairs from flood damage and other water loss issues is a stressful situation. We communicate with both property owners and insurance adjusters to ensure everyone is on the same page for each phase of restoration services.  We also ensure any efforts completed by us is within the scope of coverage. 

After the removal of the stock, we quickly extracted the remaining water on the cement floor of the warehouse and set up our air movers and dehumidifiers. Because this site stored both upholstered along with solid wood furnishings, odor control was essential. We made sure upon completion of restoration services, the warehouse had zero musty odors and was ready to store stock again. 

Contact SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000 when you need assistance with commercial flood damage mitigation. Our certified, trained technicians can handle any storm or water damage in your property and make it "Like it never even happened."

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We Get You Back To Business In St. Petersburg After A Flood Disaster

7/15/2019 (Permalink)

A storage room in a commercial suite needed rapid water removal and partial demolition to keep the office running.

Preserving Electronic Equipment after Commercial Flood Damage in St. Petersburg

Flood waters that enter your commercial property are the responsibility of the property manager. During the initial phases of flooding, restorers can perform crucial tasks to help mitigate losses by cleaning and drying the structure as well as its contents. A busy office may have large amounts of electronic equipment, which is at a high risk of permanent damage resulting in expensive replacements. Contacting a professional restoration company with the experience and the human resources to restore a large structure could limit losses significantly.

The cost of commercial flood damage for a St. Petersburg business can be severe. Not only is there a loss of revenue, but also the potential loss of valuable electronic equipment. Chief among these are computers, but any item with a circuit board is considered electronic. That could include televisions, phones, modems, servers, and other appliances. SERVPRO crew chiefs are capable of significantly reducing the likelihood of permanent losses for electronic equipment while third-party electronics restoration vendors are brought in.

In mitigating contents losses, some techniques seem apparent and others that are not so obvious. Electronic equipment must be unplugged, as well as removing fuses, batteries or trip breakers. Removal of electronics from the affected area is advisable, but in some situations, covering them with sealed plastic barriers may also be useful while standing water is pumped out from the affected area.

After the removal of standing water, SERVPRO can deploy dehumidification equipment to stabilize the humidity levels in the affected area. Electronic equipment can become permanently corroded or damaged by condensation so must be kept above the dew point at all times. We manage this using thermal hygrometers and heating equipment to ensure air remains above the dew point. Incidentally, maintaining a higher air temperature increases the rate of evaporation from materials as warm air can hold more moisture. With the environment under control, your SERVPRO technician can arrange for an electronics specialist on your behalf to restore flood damages and mitigate losses.

Electronic equipment is at high risk of permanent damage without expert restorers on hand, contact SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000.

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St. Petersburg Eats Count on SERVPRO for Water Removal

4/23/2019 (Permalink)

The SERVPRO ERP Emergency READY Profile Plan Can Keep Your Business Open for Business during a Water Loss

Commercial Water Cleanup for Your St. Petersburg Business

When you own a restaurant in St. Petersburg, plumbing problems are inevitable. At some point in time, you are going to have to deal with them, and you have two options – Wait for the problems to arise and deal with the unexpected headaches and expenses, or you can be proactive and take actions so that you are prepared when a problem does arise.
When your plumbing in your St. Petersburg business fails, you need water cleanup services right away. Any interruption to your business means a loss of revenue when you are not serving food, so you do not want to hesitate in calling for help. At SERVPRO, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, so you can trust that we can get your business back in working order quickly.
You can proactively stay up to date with your plumbing needs by developing and using a regular maintenance schedule with your plumber. They can routinely perform assessments on your whole plumbing system, which gives you an accurate and current status of the specific needs for your building. Your plumber can also help go over any upgrade options you can get for more water and energy efficient units. When you upgrade, you extend the life of your plumbing system and save money overall. Ask us about our proactive program to help prevent or at least mitigate potential problems from a water loss. The ERP Emergency READY Profile Plan can be explained with a scheduled visit to your place of business.
Our staff works thoroughly but quickly, as we know disruptions for your steady customers is a hassle for both them and you. Before starting, SERVPRO techs can make sure that items in your restaurant are protected from absorbing moisture, such as dry goods in your storeroom.
Our goal for drying your structure is to return all affected materials to their normal moisture content levels. SERVPRO staff uses moisture meters to find the actual moisture content of different material to help us determine if your structure is dry once we are done with the restoration process. Penetrating meters have probes that allow us to test within wall cavities or underneath the flooring. They can also test individual layers. Non-penetrating meters use sensors which give readings when the meter is put on the surface of materials.
Almost all your plumbing problems result from wear and tear, which is why the preventative maintenance is so essential to a business that runs smoothly. Additional issues come from issues related to your building such as the age of the building, the foundation shifting or settling, plus outdated and poorly performing construction materials.
SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg wants to help you restore your business building in Vanoy, Shore Acres or Meadowlawn after a water damage emergency. We can get you back up and running, so you lose the least amount of business possible when you call us at (727) 522-0000.

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SERVPRO Can Restore Your Water Damaged St. Petersburg Business

3/28/2019 (Permalink)

Our Green Fleet is always ready to handle your water damage restoration needs.

What to Expect During Commercial Water Removal in Northeast St. Petersburg

Water damage can affect a business even more than a home. If the premises are not safe for employees or people, there is a loss of revenue for the company and paychecks for employees.  

When handling water removal in Northeast St. Petersburg businesses, SERVPRO knows we need to work quickly, and our goal is to cause as little disruption as possible during restoration. The faster the water is extracted and the property dried, the sooner you can get back to the business of being business.  

You can expect us to arrive within hours after your initial call and get to work immediate extracting water. We remove saturated mats for drying outside. If there is carpeting that is affected, it is not automatically a loss if the water cleanup is happening with a Category One or clean water spill. With our weighted extractors and specialized drying methods, our goal is always to restore rather than replace.  

Drying is a crucial step in the restoration process. Our technicians determine that exact angles to set up air movers to bank air off each other and the walls and floors to push moist air up and out. Dehumidifiers are used to pull moisture out of the air for thorough drying. Many large scale items such as desks and chairs can be raised on blocks and dried in place to limit disruption to the business. We do not count on visual determinations for when your structure is dry. We use moisture probes to confirm that the affected areas are dry.  

To avoid mold and mildew, SERVPRO technicians use our specially formulated cleaners to inhibit microbe and fungus on surfaces and leave your commercial property smelling as fresh and clean as it looks.  

SERVPRO of Northeast St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000 has commercial water removal services available 24/7 for your business. Our local team of certified technicians can be on-site within hours of your call to mitigate loss with our expertise and specialized equipment.

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Contact Our Crew After Your Bed And Breakfast In St. Petersburg Experiences A Fire Damage Disaster

2/25/2019 (Permalink)

We are here, at (727) 522-0000, always ready to help you achieve your goals by helping you clean and maintain your bed and breakfast.

Sources Of Commercial Fire Damage In Your New St. Petersburg's Bed And Breakfast

When buying a new bed and breakfast in the St. Petersburg area, keeping a smoothly running business going might seem to only center on how well your services match the needs of your guests. While having a good business plan in place helps immensely, as does completing one of our READY Plans, unexpected issues can affect the quality of individual areas of your establishment.

Past occupants who smoked cigarettes can leave your St. Petersburg business with fire damage on walls and ceilings. The film left behind can seem slight, but when you remove paintings or other wall coverings, you can quickly see the difference between exposed and protected areas.

Before you open your doors for business or even take pictures to use in advertising, cleaning of the business must take place to give you the best possible start. SERVPRO can help in this deep cleaning, especially in removing smoke residue from fire damage. Cigarette smoke is particularly sticky because of the high amounts of nicotine and tar content. Over time, the layer of cigarette smoke becomes much more difficult to remove.

Ashes that miss their mark and end up on the floor instead of in an ashtray can also add to the unpleasant odors in a room. We have teams that work together to rid our walls and ceilings of smoke residue, and other crews who concentrate on revitalizing your floors.

Carpeting can often give up odors when cleaned professionally. Sometimes this requires two attempts, followed by injected deodorizing chemicals that slowly add a more desirable scent into the air. Wood floors can hide ashes in between the boards, with significant amounts pushed underneath. We can remove the debris using a vacuum with a HEPA filter. For concentrated areas on carpeting, we often use a Claw attachment after saturating the area with a liquid cleaning solution.

Because not all fire damage comes from a one-time blaze, SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg uses a multitude of techniques to make your property “Like it never even happened.” We are here, at (727) 522-0000, always ready to help you achieve your goals by helping you clean and maintain your bed and breakfast in Vinoy, Shore Acres, or Meadowlawn.

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After A Fire In Your St. Petersburg Kitchen, Our Experts Can Remove The Foul Odors!

1/7/2019 (Permalink)

Our SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg rapid response team is available 24/7!

Reducing Odor In Your St. Petersburg Eatery After A Kitchen Fire

Fires present multiple effects to overcome in your St. Petersburg eatery. While some incidents stay focused to a specific room or area of your building, certain effects can spread out farther than the initial combustion site, regardless of the size or severity of the fire before it got extinguished. It is our focus to provide a legitimate and efficient solution to each of these symptoms within your property, and that extends to challenging odor removal throughout the restaurant.

As a location that serves hot food to hungry patrons, you always stand at a slight risk of something going wrong that allows for fire damage in your St. Petersburg kitchen. From grease fires on the stovetop to appliance surges from overloaded outlets, the possibility for potential ignition persists. Amid the extinguishment of this fire, you should reach out to our professionals at SERVPRO for an honest assessment and accurate of the damage to help you move forward with cleanup and odor removal as promptly as you can.

Soot damage and odors are often among the worst effects for smaller kitchen fires in restaurants, but these same effects can also spread far beyond the ignition point to affect patrons that would come into the restaurant for dining. Our SERVPRO professionals can respond quickly in this situation to work towards protecting all of the equipment and areas of your restaurant so that you do not have to keep your doors closed to the public a moment longer than necessary.

Odor removal often falls to set equipment available to our SERVPRO technicians that respond to your address following an emergency. Between our thermal foggers and hydroxyl generators, our professionals can work to significantly reduce or entirely permanently remove foul odors lingering in both the primary area for the fire and secondary locations like the dining area and lobby.

Whenever a small fire breaks out in your eatery, you need professional assistance to return the property to its original condition quickly. Our SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg rapid response team is available 24/7 by calling (727) 522-0000.

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Team SERVPRO Offers Ways to Avoid a Mold Infestation After Flooding in Your St. Petersburg Restaurant

9/21/2018 (Permalink)

Even though part of your restaurant may be located outside, flooding can cause a great deal of damage. Call SERVPRO right away to remediate.

Plumbing Breaks Can Allow Flooding in Your St. Petersburg Restaurant

As a restaurant entrepreneur in St. Petersburg, you can appreciate the steep competition that you face on a daily basis. There are many choices for hungry patrons throughout the city, and choosing the best place is a matter of the quality food available and the atmosphere that you can provide within the building. When a water emergency occurs, your ability to provide this quality dining experience could become threatened.

While the immediate flood damages in St. Petersburg such as pooling water and saturation of construction materials are the most pressing concerns for your business, there are many effects that a water emergency like a pipe bursting could cause. As soon as the situation occurs, fast action can help to limit the spread of the damage throughout the building. If possible, shut off the water to the building to prevent continual water flow from the broken piping.

Our SERVPRO technicians respond quickly in emergency situations like this. Mitigation is a critical step in avoiding costlier restoration work in the immediate future. Our measures from the moment that we arrive can reduce the impact of the water loss incident, helping to preserve materials and the contents of your restaurant from irreparable damages. One of the services that our team provides is packing out, which removes at-risk items from the affected areas until the damage gets fully restored.

One of the concerns that any restaurant owner should have regarding flooding in their building is the possibility of mold growth. Not only does this provide a clear violation of health codes for serving food to customers, but it poses potential health risks to the staff and third parties that traffic the building. Our SERVPRO team can work to help remove the moisture from the affected areas quickly and have the trained personnel to identify mold colonies and remove them before the situation gets out of control.

There are plenty of stresses in working to be one of the chosen dining spots throughout the bustling city, but a water loss incident could threaten this goal substantially. You can depend on our SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg water restoration technicians to respond quickly and help to reduce the time that your doors must remain closed to the customers you serve. Give us a call right away at (727) 522-0000.

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Removing Commercial Fire Damage In Pinellas County Businesses

6/4/2018 (Permalink)

We stock a wide variety of cleaning supplies to remove smoke and soot from your business.

Cleaning Smoke and Soot after fire damage

When our teams walk into a Pinellas County business after a fire, the damage they see often appears to be minor. Heat and flames do not cause most of the damage or result in the most significant percentage of cost when it comes to restoration.

Smoke and soot left by fire usually cause most of the commercial damage to Pinellas County businesses. SERVPRO restoration specialists work quickly to clean and remove the residues left behind, but even then, the odors from a fire can be the hardest part to remove. Our teams utilize a plan developed by decades of experience helping our community to rid every home of them.

First, specialists remove all debris and other items that are a source of the odors. Any item that is charred or smells bad, they take out of the structure. While team members remove property, others set up fans to increase circulation and reduce any pungent odors. In businesses that have a significant amount of inventory or records in storage, this may take several days to accomplish. It is necessary though, so our teams can determine how strong the odors are and what needs to be done to remove them.

After clearing the building, SERVPRO inspectors and technicians examine the structure. If the remaining building materials, such as carpets and ceiling tiles, are free of other damage, they begin the cleaning process. For carpets, they shampoo or steam clean them with a deodorizing agent mixed into the cleaning solution. For ceiling tiles and other building material, our technicians carefully spray surfaces with a cleaning/deodorizing agent and wipe them down with a sponge or cleaning cloth.

The spray-and-wipe method works on most odors, but for powerful odors or ones in hard to reach areas, it may be necessary to use a fogging device. The machine our technicians utilize breaks down the cleaning/deodorizing agent into a cloud which is then carefully blown into the area using fans where it neutralizes the odor-causing residues.

Our goal at SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg is to help you reopen your doors to customers as quickly as possible. So regardless of where you are in Pinellas County, call us at (727) 522-0000 today to schedule a visit. We are here for you.

Click here for information on the Pinellas County Chamber of Commerce.

When Seasonal Storms Or Leaks Leave Your St. Petersburg Restaurant in Need of Water Removal Services

4/25/2018 (Permalink)

Kitchen Restaurants in St Petersburg Often Have Water Problems--Until SERVPRO Removes It

Restaurants in St. Petersburg Count on SERVPRO for Water Removal 

Seasonal storms can bring heavy rain, and that can leave you in desperate need of water damage restoration services. Having an inch or two of rain inside of your building is no suitable condition for your restaurant to serve customers. Fortunately, there is professional help nearby to remove the water and get your operation back into working order.

Our technicians can swiftly arrive at your St. Petersburg restaurant to remove the damaging water from your property. If you contact us, our goal is to get our employees there as soon as possible. Your restaurant cannot run naturally until the liquid is gone. Not to mention, the longer the water sits, the more potential it has to cause more significant damage to your property.
SERVPRO can use advanced technology to remove the water from your property, such as powerful wet/dry vacuums and portable pumps. Using industrial quality products allows our tools to have the power to remove the liquid from your restaurant swiftly so that SERVPRO can move onto cleaning and drying. After the water is removed, our employees can use devices like moisture meters to detect any overly wet areas of the structure.
Once our SERVPRO technicians have used the meter to detect the levels of moisture, we can establish drying goals and select the correct method to help prevent any further damage to your flooring and equipment. There are many pieces of industry-leading equipment that our team can use to help draw moisture from the structure of your restaurant, but some of the most conventional are air movers, axial fans, and LGR dehumidifiers. SERVPRO techs can position them for optimal airflow, to support evaporation, and use infrared cameras to monitor the progress during the drying.
When your property needs water removal, do not linger. Get a hold of SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg at (727) 522-0000. No matter the time, our employees can come out to your establishment swiftly.

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What to Do When a Tropical Storm Floods Your St. Petersburg Condominium Parking Lot

3/26/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO can work around your businesses schedule and dry out your property when it best suits you.

Rely on SERVPRO for Expert Commercial Flood Damage Remediation  

Florida is known for its sunny and gorgeous weather. However, sometimes the weather is not always sunny, and, instead of a beautiful day, a tropical storm hits and brings flood damage with it. Flooding can be a nightmare for your condominium parking lot as it can prevent people from using it. Even just ankle-deep water can be a hassle to take care of when it comes to flooding and sometimes the water is not always clean. Fortunately, when a flood hits your business, professional help is not far.

Our IICRC certified technicians strive to ensure that we do not interrupt the flow of your tenants while we remediate the flood damage in your St. Petersburg property. We can work around your schedule to remove the water and then commence the drying process when it best suits you. Day or night, we can come to your property and work when traffic is less likely to be interrupted.

Here at SERVPRO we can remove the flooded waters from your property, clean up the debris, and then, depending on the damage that your property has taken, we can begin to dry out the structure. We use powerful truck-operated pumps and industrial quality wet/dry vacuums to remove water. SERVPRO knows how crucial it is to remove flood waters immediately, so we strive to get to your property as soon as possible to start the process.

After clean up, our technicians can employ the use of axial fans, dehumidifiers, and air movers in your parking lot to encourage evaporation. A dry environment is ideal for making sure that no water remains behind in the structure, as any remaining water could become a danger to your property. Our technicians are familiar with how water and concrete interact and can clean the chalky calcium deposits off the surface of the concrete swiftly to finish the job.

When flooding damage strikes your property, do not wait. Call SERVPRO of the NE St. Petersburg area at (727) 522-0000. We strive to work fast and efficiently to return your property to its preloss state as swiftly as possible.

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Commercial Water Removal Services for Your St. Petersburg Furniture Consignment Shop

2/25/2018 (Permalink)

Your consignment shop is filled with many unique pieces that you have been entrusted with selling. Should you face water damage, contact SERVPRO.

Our Certified SERVPRO Technicians Arrive Equipped to Dry Out Your Water Damaged Shop

Faulty plumbing can wreak havoc on your St. Petersburg furniture consignment shop. Water can seep into walls, flooring, carpets, and furniture. All of this can cause rotting, mold, or other damages which can go undetected until it is too late. It is essential that you move quickly to correct the problem as soon as you find it, or you can be looking at much downtime for your business and costly repairs as well.
When lousy plumbing has caused a water leak in your St. Petersburg business, you may need commercial water removal services. SERVPRO can help you, as we are a professional water damage remediation company with the experience and equipment needed to help you. We understand you wish to stay open if possible, and we can work around your schedule to help lower any downtime. In a situation like this, we also know that time is of the essence to prevent additional damages.
After we assess the damages to see how bad they are, we begin to extract any standing water with special truck-mounted pumps. Once this water is gone, we have other equipment to help us dry out the structure completely such as air-movers, dehumidifiers, and industrial fans. These are checked daily and moved as necessary so that we can ensure the fastest drying time possible.
Any items or merchandise which are salvageable may be packed up and moved to another location for cleaning and restoration until the building is restored. Then we return these items after the job at your shop is complete.
Our IICRC certified SERVPRO technicians have the knowledge and equipment to dry your building back to its preloss conditions thoroughly. We have special moisture meters which we can use as well to find any hidden moisture inside walls, ceilings, or floors. Sometimes, we need to remove baseboards to ensure that our equipment can dry inside wall cavities. Eliminating all the excess moisture prevents further damage including the growth of mildew and mold.
Your business in Shore Acres, Meadowlawn, or Snell Isle is essential to you, so it is important to SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg as well. We know that time is of the essence in water damage emergency, and that your business is also significantly affected by a situation like this. We do not hesitate to come out and assist you when you call us at (727) 522-0000 so your business can be running like normal as quickly as possible.

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St. Petersburg Water Damages Do Not Have To Shut Down Your Motel

11/16/2017 (Permalink)

St. Petersburg Skyline, Your Wet Motel from Water Damage, and the Solution--SERVPRO

Fast Removal of Water Done without Disruptions, Call SERVPRO for Your Business

Water damage to your motel is not always something that can be avoided. There are plenty of unforeseen incidents that can leave you in need of professional restoration. When you are in the middle of such a crisis, you should be thinking about the right team to call to help you get the problem fixed quickly and professionally.
While water damage in St. Petersburg is not uncommon news in recent months, especially following the devastation of multiple tropical storms, getting your establishment restored quickly is a wise investment on your part. With a small motel, the number of rooms is limited. When some of these units are directly affected by water damages, this can be a costly hit to your business.
You need the motel to be able to run at full capacity as soon as you possibly can, and that is why you should be calling SERVPRO. Our dedicated and experienced team can handle all manner of commercial water removal to mitigate damage. SERVPRO offers a 24-hour emergency line to get our team to you quickly. No matter what time of the day or night, you can reach us to start the restoration service.
This is especially important if time is of the essence. Sometimes pipe breaks or appliance malfunctions are difficult to shut off on your own. In a motel, the primary shutoff for the water can also adversely affect all of the rooms in the entire facility, leaving them without the ability to do something as essential as flushing a toilet, taking a shower or even brushing their teeth.

Even if you are only dealing with a small water damage incident (maybe a single room in your motel), SERVPRO is an excellent choice to call. Their expertise in removing the water can prevent further damage to the affected room, as well as those connected to it. This allows you to keep more of the rooms open and available for guests, and our company’s ability to restore damages quickly can mitigate your financial losses.
Trust our team at SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg for all of your damage restoration needs. You can call us anytime, 24/7, at (727) 522-0000.

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Commercial Fire Damage in St. Petersburg Nightclubs

4/12/2017 (Permalink)

St. Petersburg Relies on SERVPRO to Keep the Music Playing After Fire Damaging Events to Commercial Properties

SERVPRO Keeps Patrons Dancing During Fire & Smoke Cleanup

Owning a nightclub comes with a multitude of responsibilities – to patrons, to employees, and to the government. One responsibility that covers all three groups is fire safety. Having various safety protocols in place can help protect against fire, and lower the number of injuries and fatalities if a fire ever does happen, but these same protocols cannot guarantee that the possibility of any fire is eliminated.
Commercial fire damage in St. Petersburg, where there are several nightclubs, can happen to any of them, no matter how many protective measures they seem to have. This is because even with crowd control measures, fires can occur because of recklessness and risky behavior. Illegal activities, such as smoking a cigarette, can cause bathroom fires that might or might not be contained in small areas.
Some fires spread quickly because the soundproofing used inside to prevent nuisance calls from neighboring businesses and residences might not have adequate fire retardant applied. When one part of the soundproofing catches on fire, black smoke is also released in huge amounts. Cleaning this up from materials that have not been damaged by heat or direct fire can be done, but the work must begin immediately to preserve the material from corrosive damage.
Nightclubs invest heavily in décor, and much of this consists of lighting. Lighting is essential to any business' environment. Lighting produces much of the mood people come to associate with any particular business, and night clubs are no exception. Black lights, under-counter lights, and many other types are used in clubs. These can become costly to replace in bulk. If unbroken, SERVPRO can take the time to clean them of soot and then return each one to its original location. We are that thorough, but careful with everything we clean.
Soot settles everywhere, of course, and in addition to removing soot from surfaces, we know from experience that the distinctive smell of fire is left behind by soot particles that have found their way into hidden locations, spots too difficult to reach with even the best cleaning methods.
Very sensitive people can experience headaches, nausea, and other ailments when exposed to the smell of smoke, even when there is no fire present. Hydroxyl generators can solve this problem, even when your club is open, and patrons are present. SERVPRO can set these up, so they are both effective and in out-of-the-way locations.
At SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg, we do more than repair your building. We also remove the foul odors that can ruin your business. Call us at (727) 522-0000 for fire damage disasters. We are always available to take your call.